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What?! No anime ratings?

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stardust2222 Sep 21, 2021

Have a nice life 

stardust2222 Sep 12, 2021

Thanks for following me that was so nice my name is Mason and I have autism i am also literal 

osaka Apr 15, 2021

I can't choose because I love them all too much TwT

And yeah- I live in Poland unfortunately :// haha
What about you?? ^^

And no I haven't but I really really wanted to </3
Hope I will be able to watch it soon tho but my list is too long haha D:

osaka Apr 12, 2021

I know all of them and I mostly read them but the ones that I haven't
I will definitely look them up and maybe read someday! <3

I love Quinesstinal Quintuplets the manga and also anime!! :D

And I have weird attitude to Kaguya sama love is war  just because I hate-
but absolutely HATE this mnaga art haha and mornally when I don't like drawings but plot is fine I enjoy reading the manga
but here I don't like art and plot but- I don't really know why I am enjoying it sm????!!!

bahahahah for me it is really weird and I really don't know why it is like that. When I end the first volume I was like- wow it was horrible
but then I went to manga store and bought it anyway- like- WHY?! XDGF

I am currently waiting for the fourth volume to arrive to my country and really hoping for good reading haha <3

osaka Apr 8, 2021

better now :P