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RuneFactoryQueen Apr 23, 2021

Lyka definitely intrigues me can't wait to interact with him!

RuneFactoryQueen Apr 20, 2021

I've been waiting 8 years lol. Will do I think I'm going for Martin 1st I think it's cute that he secretly names his favorite tools and I like the shy quiet guys!

osaka Apr 15, 2021

I can't choose because I love them all too much TwT

And yeah- I live in Poland unfortunately :// haha
What about you?? ^^

And no I haven't but I really really wanted to </3
Hope I will be able to watch it soon tho but my list is too long haha D:

RuneFactoryQueen Apr 15, 2021

I like both the icon and the header. I'm excited I pre ordered the Japanese version. I'm going to marry all of them since they all look interesting to me.

RuneFactoryQueen Apr 14, 2021

Hi there hope you are doing well! I love the pic she's my other favorite chara ^^.