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Narky's Current Collection - Manga / Light Novels

If it's here, it's on my shelves. Most are complete collections except for ongoing series. (List does not include webtoons or artbooks)

Narky's Current Top 'lasting impression' Anime

A list of the anime series that 'stayed with me' the most over time - not nostalgia; powerful or extremely well executed stories that imprinted themselves upon my mind the most for various reasons. Genres will vary...

Narky's Top 10 Desirable Damaged Goods

The slightly unhinged ones I would still cop a little evil and bloodshed for...

Narky's Top 10 Knights in Shining Armour

If I were a damsel in distress, I'd be elated to have any of these fellows come to my rescue...

Narky's Top 10 Loved Villains

The villainous characters that I just couldn't resist liking...

Narky's Top 10 most Hated Characters

My top 10 most hated characters. *Subject to change as potential additions arise...

Narky's Top 20 Most Loved Characters of All Time

Pretty self-explanatory, these are the cream of my viewing pleasure. *Subject to change as fresh challengers emerge...

Narky's Top Nostalgia Titles

My top titles for when I was a wee seedling otaku. These are the anime that started it all for me!

Narky's Top 'Sucker for Romance' Manga

Will obviously tinker around with this as my hapless inner-shoujo patheticness develops further with more delicious cheese-platter titles.