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Etue Jun 30, 2018

There's not anything I would really call having the same feel as spice and wolf that I know of. 

I mean, forgoing the romance kino's journey or even girls last tour might fit
If you go for the feel of the romance Grimoire of Zero feels a little like it, but it's an entirely different kind of show.

Our reommendation system recommends: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha also feels quite like it but isn't like it.

honestly, overall the recommendations here are pretty much as close as I can get as well:

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Etue Jun 27, 2018

Spice and Wolfs Light novels have ended. Due to the nature of Anime being often promotion, as was the case with the prior anime seasons of Spice and Wolf, is is highly unlikely that Spice and Wolf will ever recieve further adaptation into anime. If the studio behind Spice and Wolf had the intention a kickstarter would problably have already been launched. However if there's a tiny chance it's at an anniversary for the Light Novel however I would not hold my breath as an adaptation of further content is very unlikely.