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All About Lust

Aug 11, 2019

First of all, the title is (thankfully) misleading! The name "All About Lust" refers to the beginning of both main relationships depicted in the manhwa. There's a misunderstanding that makes one or both parties to think it's just about sex, but they soon realize that's not the case at all.

The manhwa is split into two seasons. Unlike in other webtoons, not all seasons are dedicated to one couple. There are two main couples, and each one of them takes the spotlight on one of the seasons.

The first season centers around Wooseung and Sunjin. They confess their attraction for each other right off the bat and their relationship quickly develops into love. They're great at communicating with each other and their love is beautiful, funny, and realistic.

The second season centers around Beomchul and Jaehee, who have a slow burn rivals-to-lovers dynamic. They go around in circles and struggle to figure out their feelings for each other. In my opinion, they're the true embodiment of the manhwa's title, All About Lust, since Wooseung and Sunjin make it clear that they really love each other very early on.

All About Lust is a great depiction of healthy relationships, consent, and communication. There's no dragged out childish drama, toxic jealousy, nor any other stupid trope that fetishizes gay men. The manhwa is charming and down to earth, and my only criticism is that it's hard to feel interested in the cast's artistic endeavors, which in turn causes the reader to feel bored at times.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
8/10 overall

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