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The Empire of Corpses

Jul 15, 2016

At first, I was suprised with scenario mix in this movie, but i wouldn't say that it was bad thing. The main idea with corpses empire was good enough even when it comes from Frankenshtein story, precisely, developed from the idea of dead resurrection. Sure, i had to get used to movie type, mood and animation to watch it till the end, to be honest, I splitted watching into two parts (i don't use to it), but I knew that creators wanted to say something to audience in other side of monitor, so I forced myself watch further and you know, i wasn't disappointed with it. I get so much good thought from this one to have in mind. Unfortunate, I didn't understand the movie ending fully, like it will be continued or something, or creators wanted to leave it on comma, not a dot, like leaving a question or something like that. Also, I expected something more, maybe something brighter, but it noway can't make movie worse, I mean, it still being good enough and worth watching.

If talk about beloved and hated characters, so it's almost simple. Like it usually is protagonists are loved and antagonists - hated. So doc. John Watson and Friday and that Miss Doll, who always had saving them, were the most atractive personas, and the most disgusting were M and The First. (someone add characters to this movie!!!)

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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