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I have been watching anime since 2018 (watched anime before that but really started in 2018) I don't really read manga but I hope I'll be able to read more in the future. I am open to all recommendations mainly manga bcs I am not that  knowledeable in it, but if you have som good anime reccoms I don't have preblem if you share them with me :). 

My favorite anime : The Misfit of Demon King Academy

My favorite openingBlack Clover-Opening 10

My favorite ending : Fire Force - ending or Vinland Saga - ending 2

My favorite artistDaft Punk

My favorite characterTony Tony Chopper

My favorite AMV's :  AMV from LIL DARKIE and  Kuroko no basket Kagami vs Aomine

My favorite color : magenta

My favorite food : kebab

My favorite GenresShounen, Slice of Life, RomanceIsekaiActionComedyFantasy

About me

I am 180cm tall and 17 years old second year student. I like to watch all kinds of anime, there isn't any genre I exactly hate but there are some I havn't wathched at all like horrors and thrillers. My first anime was Sword Art Online (first 2 seasons). I am currently studying on high school in Slovakia . I watch anime whenever I have time ( what isn't really that often latly)hopefully I'll find more time in Summer, I like to watch AMV's and content around anime or anime games. I don't play any anime games except Genshin Impact (not even that these days ). I also like to watch vTubers on Youtube and sometimes Twitch. I don't have added all of my watched anime because I joined anime-planet recently on july 9. 2022 and I don't remember all animes I watched :(. I have 2 dogs which I both adore, and love to play with. My biggest weakness is spoiling evrything from Tiktok and Reels (I got some huge spoilers from One piece or Naruto) so, for that i deleted TikTok an stopped watching reels (almost stopped).This year (2022) I ll be trying to do my driving license so I hope I'll pass and be able to drive wherever I want . Countries i'd love to visit are Japan and Australia . Next year I'll fly to Thailand and maby even Japan so I am really excited for that. 


Watching anime is extremly fun and entertaining for me, personally anime is a thing where I cann escape to from the real world, from school, homewokrs, work etc.and just relax and calmly watch what I enjoy. I usually watch anime on Netflix, 4Anime, Gogoanime and sometimes on Crunhyroll, I watch it subbed only, but I don't understand almost nothing in Japaneese. I have many unfinished anime that I am trying to finish but the list is just keep getting longer and longer.  Sometimes I skip openings when they are too boring or I saw them many times but I'm trying to watch them at least once. Except for anime I also watch AMV's but only occasionally, they are really good but I won't find time to watch them so only when I'm bored. I don't usually skip fillers, maby just when they are too baring and are completly out of context like in Naruto shippuden. I skip some films (usually it's bcs I don't even know they exist and when I find out that they do I've already finished that particular anime and just don't feel liek to watch them) but when I know about them and they are imporat to plot I watch them and like em.


GTA V, League of Legends, Genshin Impact, Geometry dashRocket leagueOsuMincraft

I mainly play GTA V and League of Legends; but somtimes I feel like playing mincraft or gd; I play  Genshin Impact, Osu, Rocket league usually only with friends I also play some mobile game like Clash royal or rocket league sideswipe.


In my free time when I don't watch anime I play basketball with my friends or just alone or go out skating 2 years back i had an accident so I kind of stopped to skate for a year and half but I hope to get back to it, I used to solve rubick's cube (just for fun nothing professional) but i don't do it so often now, i do lot of reading - my favorite books are The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and watching films-my favorite Films are Sherlock Holmes or Pirates of the Caribbean and Tv shows - my favorite TV shows are Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes, and when is summer i play with my dogs in winter I use to go to firplace with my dogs and watch anime .


My ratings don't usually go under 3 star bcs I don't dislike any anime I watched it would have to be something I didn't really enjoyed,dropped or didn't understand to;  4.5 star and higher are really good anime and 3-4 are just good; 5 stars deserves only top highclass anime which are at best like 3-4 anime (in my opinion) even my top 10 animes don't all have 5 stars.

 So that's about it, sorry for the english it's not really that good if you spot a mistake fell free to leave a comment


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Dracarys20 Aug 1, 2022

Hi! We are already in August :O Time flies...

I just don't get how Mineta is in the best class. He is a big pervert. That's it. That's his character. He got no cool powers or interesting backstory. Class B has so many more cool characters. Not sure if I will watch the new season this October since there are other anime I want to watch. And tbh, I think Im a bit tired of it. BNHA feels repetitive at times. It's actually the 6th season. :)

But yeah I also put characters I don't like in the hated list even if I don't hate them them... Speaking of which I really need to update my lists. I have abandoned it for a few years.

Klacz28 Jul 25, 2022

Right now i'm watching classroom of the elite (season 2) and spy x family. Do you have any anime recommendations? Have a nice day/ night :)

Dracarys20 Jul 25, 2022

Go for it then!! :D I hope you enjoy it.

I started Mob Psycho because a lot of people were talking about it. I didn't really like the art style but soon enough it became so hilarious to watch. Season 2 was quite different from the 1st one but was very well done. Truly excited for it!! 

Btw i saw Mineta in your hated characters list, so are you going to watch the next season when it comes out?

kasasagi Jul 23, 2022

Ah, Solo Leveling is very popular I think? Glad you enjoy it :3 I don't really know a lot of webcomics, or Korean comics for that matter. I really have to check out more of them at some point. 

Also, I see you're going to Thailand? Where are you going? I've been to Thailand before, it is a really wonderful country! :) 

hiyorii Jul 23, 2022

Hi! Thanks for following me back :D

For this season, I'm currently watching Classroom of the Elite s2, and the Devil is a part-timer s2 

Are you watching/reading anything interesting?