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Well, let's see.  I am 36 and live in Rome, Georgia in the United States.  I started watching anime about a year or two ago, I guess.  Well, longer than that if you count DBZ.  But I don't count DBZ because I didn't realize it was anime and that was really all I watched.

It all started with Fullmetal Alchemist.  I would leave Adult Swim on while I fiddled around on my computer.  Then, slowly but surely I began to pay more and more attention until finally I thought, "Hey...this show isn't that bad."  When I mentioned it to my friend he said, "Oh, that's a popular anime."  Anime? What is this "anime" that you speak of? I wanted to know.

So, my friend suggested I watch Golden Boy.  From there on, I watched and watched and watched and continue to watch.  :D Five is not enough for all the anime that I really enjoy.

So, there is the story of how I lost my anime virginity.  *sniffle*.  So young.  So innocent.


1.  Maria-sama ga Miteru

2.  Revolutionary Girl Utena

3.  XXXholic

4.  You're Under Arrest!

5.  Le Chevalier D'Eon

6.  Ouran High School Host Club

7.  Haibane Renmei

8.  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya

9.  Mnemosyne

10. Fruits Basket

11. Mai Hime

12. Ah! Megami-sama!

13. Full Metal Panic?

14. Welcome to the NHK

15. Bamboo Blade

16. Claymore

17. Code Geass

18. Candy Boy

19. Black Lagoon

20. Miname-ke


Manga I am currently reading:

Yubisaki Milk Tea


Strawberry Shake Sweet

Maria-sama ga Miteru

Fate/Stay Night


Legal Drug

Wireless Shark


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Sunagan Jan 14, 2010

Haha, fairly interesting review of Blood+, especially your comment about naruto and bleach made me laugh (they happen to be in my top 5, both as well as One Piece and you dropped everything fairly soon and with ½ stars, wow ^_^ *chuckles*). So you don't like shounen, i've heard ya ;)! I don't mind a clash of opinions though, everyone has different tastes. I did like ouran however, and fruits basket. I'm also planning to watch haibane renmei at any rate... But anyway, I'm now struggling myself through blood+, I'm at ep 15 and close to dropping it, although I hate dropping series so maybe I will make it through alive somehow. I'd like to say that I have a high crap tolerance (I mean, the first 17 eps of bleach were pretty boring too and One Piece doesn't get really interesting til ep 30), but blood+ is giving me a really hard time. If you say it gets better after ep 20, i might as well try to push through ^_^ lol.

Roman Jan 3, 2010

O hai! I am also a shoujo-ai fan. Nice to meet you.

n00bl3t Dec 31, 2009


Another shoujo-ai fanatic?

jobe Nov 19, 2009

I got my start with Goldenboy. Watched it in high school. Didn't get into anime until I watched Toonami and Adult Swim.

SHADOWORZA0 Nov 8, 2009

thanx 4 saying so.sry rite now i dont really have time 2 write a long review but if u want i can talk 2 u about the series u want who knows mayb that way i can form a review from ur questions  if thats alright