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Setsuna Graffiti

Mar 6, 2019

Ever since he saw them once as a child Kou Setsuna's dream is to create fireworks. However, there is just one problem. Since his family died in a terrible fire, he is scared of it. His phobia of fire does not make it easier for him to reach his goal. But when he meets his childhood acquaintance Ginga Kisaragi, who claims to be the apprentice of a sorcerer, Kou Setsuna comes back on track with his ram. Soon after he met Ginga again he joined the firework company Kisagari. Then his journey on the way of a firework creator.

In my opinion, the Manga is a total must read! I really love the mysterious and dramatic start of the story. In the 4 volumes the Manga has, the Story never fails to surprise or to build up suspense. The characters are all good designed and absolutely lovable. Even if the Mangaka didn't go deeper into their backstories and earlier lives before Kisagari, the Characters have enough deepness and development. The Artstyle of the Manga is pretty great because it even shows every single firework and I personally think fireworks are pretty hard to draw. The only thing I absolutely didn't like about the Manga, was the time skip at the end. It just kinda ruined the mood and the atmosphere while reading. 

Anyway, you should definitely check this Manga out. It will be worth it. 

8/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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