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my name is lina

i like cats

i like playing games

anime is okay

kdrama is alright

studying is hard

school is difficult

trying to learn is impossible

i wish my friends would stop hitting me

and i wish my parents would stop yelling at me

i wish i was just a little skinnier

maybe a little more toned


my name is lina

i like to drink water

i think it's healthy

are you still reading?

why are you still reading?

what do you want with me?


my name is lina

i like listening to music

i like kpop

i like jpop

i like asian pop, in general, most of them, specific songs.

i like food.

pho and vietnamese dishes taste good

chinese cuisine is deliciuos but fattening

sushi is yummy

i like korean dishes as well

im lactose intolerant

i cant eat icecream anymore

i wear scarves in the summer

i wear jeans in the summer

black jeans make me look skinnier

my towel has a winnie the pooh pattern


my name is lina

i like to play games like LoL/MS/SC2/CSGO/S4/GC/eTO/DOMO


what have you learned about me from reading this?


my name is lina

im 18 right now, i was born on december the first.

im short

im chinese and i live in canada

i never went to prom

it seemed liek a waste of money

my friend didnt want to go with me anyway, unless his friends went, and they didnt go.

they stayed home and played games instead

and i played with them

it was okay.


my name is lina

i wish my grandma didnt have such big milk jugs

because now i have to have big milk jugs

everyone in my family has big milk jugs on my paternal side

my milk jigs are bigger than my elder sister's

my sister is 8 years older

her name is tina

i wish she'd get married soon

i want to eat wedding cake

i want a niece/nephew too

her boyfriend is alright looking

he has a strange accent though

i dont know what he does for a living

but my sister is smart

she can get by in life


my name is lina

i have great friends

like julia jeremy patrick carman winnie harold john kevin colin andy to list a few

and my acquaintances


my name is lina

i have stomach problems often

i wish my grades were better

i wish my motivation lasted longer


my name is lina

im very try hard at my games

i have not TALKED in chinese in a long time

i can only speak mandarin

i can listen to cantonese and fail to interpret


my name is lina

im craving for some sugar right now

specifically custard

but i cant eat it

because ill get diarrhea

im going to drink some water


my name is lina

i like someone right now

i hope it works out for us


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Sianeka Apr 10, 2014

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy your time here!

vincentngo345 Apr 7, 2014

baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

vincentngo345 Apr 7, 2014

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ yadaaaiyo

vincentngo345 Apr 7, 2014

I love you, please have my babies.