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BlaizeV Aug 15, 2012

Hi Gigafrosty

Been watching ya for awhile on youtube

Clannadia Sep 27, 2011

It's a honor you like it seriously. I rather am a bit picky on anime so I tend to watch really random stuff.


Would you be interested in a picture of my canadian collection? Sorry for my english: I'm not a native english speaker ( it's my second language)

Clannadia Sep 26, 2011

i meant official DVD releases^^

Compared to yours, mine is tiny XD

I own Code Geass complete series, Nabari, Black Butler, Air, Clannad, Moribito, Death Note,Nyan Koi and others that I can't remember. Can't list them all here X3

In french though.

I would say my favorite anime is the first OVA of Kenshin ( that you own in blu ray ^^) along with Shiki ( I plan on buying it no matter the price when it will come out next year). I have to say all Noitamina series made an impact on me that's why I'm one of therir fans and proud to be.

I see you like Suiseseki^^ good choice she's cute. Glad to meet you^^

Clannadia Sep 26, 2011

Impressive collection seriously^^

Glad to see you like Code Geass X3  One of my favourites^^

I thought I was the one with the most anime series around in my group of friends....but you're a god XD

Otaku108 Sep 13, 2011

Well I found a really good copy of Figure 17 and chewed through it over a night, wasn't too bad, though it was hard getting into a show about a very young girl. I do seem to get the feeling that you're a fan of flawed protagonists what with your like of NGE and now Figure 17, though to be fair she was very very young.

Ultimately it was a bit too tragic/sad for my tastes but at the same time it wasn't unbearably so. A worthy title to watch but doubtful I'd ever care to watch it again or even recommend it to others.

Still, I'm glad I got to see it.