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Well, how to begin... Let me start by words that this OVA was rather disappointing. It isn´t bad, NO ! I enjoyed it quite a bit but, I enjoyed the original series a lot more and once I watched this I just felt like this OVA should get a second title: The deleted Scenes or The Alternative version. Why ? Let me explain...

Story: 6-7/10

The story of the OVA is set after the happenings of the original series but you´ll rarely get the feeling it really is taking place after everything because except some small differences the whole OVA looks more like something that didn´t fit into the original story rather than its continuation. Testimony to this argument is the fact that only a half of the entire OVA has actually something to do with the story and its “continuation”. The other half can be described with one word: “filler”. Approximately 5 of the 10 episodes are fillers portraying individuals in either everyday life or describing their backgrounds. It´s not necessarily bad, but it kind of confuses the whole feel of the entire OVA. Were they trying to continue the story or bring depth to the characters? Looking at the OVA one might think both but that proves to be not the smartest solution if you ask me. The OVA would be a lot better if they went only with one of the two possibilities and concentrate on it, rather than having both but each being half-assed. The worst part of it all is the fact that like the original series, even the OVA ends with a cliff-hanger but unlike the original where the ending could be interpreted as a kind of “open ending”, the end of the OVA literally demands another season that would continue where the OVA left off (but let´s be frank, the possibility of there ever being a continuation is nearing absolute zero so the OVA leaves a certain feel of incompletion thus disappointment).

Characters/Animation/Sound: 7.5/10

Aside from the story, not much has changed. The characters kept most of their traits (with some changes here and there but nothing major) and even the sound and graphic quality remained on the pretty much same level considering how old the show actually is. Even the humour remained. Maybe not so much of it as in the original but you still can find yourself smiling at some parts.

Enjoyment: 7-8/10

Since I liked the original to the point of giving it a 4.5/5 stars I was really happy to see the old faces of Tylor and co. once again. Despite the problems I had with the story the anime proved to be not that bad as a whole but due to its nature I just couldn´t bring myself to like it as much as I did the prequel. In short, the OVA is enjoyable but don´t expect too much.

Overall: 7/10

Due to the rather weak story (and the way it ends) the OVA is far from home when it comes to comparing it to the original series but as the saying goes: “It still could have been worse”. It isn´t bad or anything but it definitely could have been better in more aspects than one. If you liked the original you might probably like even the OVA with its ups and downs and if you won´t put too much hope in it you might find it to be a not so good but still nice sequel.

Re-watchability: 2/5

(5)- Anywhere, anytime, as many times as you like!

(4)-Definitely worth seeing more than 3 times…

(3)-Once for regular viewer, 2 (or even 3) times for a fan.

(2)- Seeing once is more than enough.

(1)- Impossible to even reach the end…

6.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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