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Basically put, Tenjou Tenge: The Ultimate Fight, is a rather short though at times nice continuation of the original Tenjou Tenge anime series. The OVA is way too short for there to actually be anything mind-blowingly awesome yet like the original it does a really good job at staying true to the manga.

Story (Continuation vs. Ending): 7

The story practically continues where the prequel left off, but since it still follows the manga you won´t really get an long-awaited conclusion but rather two nice little episodes that add a little bit of something to the original story yet they once again leave you yearning either for more or an “real” ending, like the prequel did. All in all the story can hardly play a major role in a 2 episode OVA but that doesn´t mean it´s not there or it´s not worth watching.

Characters/Animation/Sound (Old vs. Old ?): 8

Airing approximately a year after the original series the OVA retained pretty much all of the previous characteristics. Everything is more or less the same so if you liked how things were in the prequel you´ll be happy to know nothing changed and if you didn´t, well, tough luck. ^^

Enjoyment:(Love vs. Hate) 7- 8

Not much to say actually. I liked it as I did the prequel and the fact that nothing really changed aside the story that goes forward a little bit there isn´t much to either like or dislike. Simply put, it´s nice but nothing to go OMG about.

Overall (Devotion vs. Originality): 7 (objective) / 8 (subjective)

Well, in the end the versus between staying true to the manga and actually bringing something new to the series ended pretty much in a draw. I doubt many people that read the manga (myself included) would enjoy a forced make-belief ending while on the other hand those who never read it will probably always long for that little bit of something to tie it nicely all up in a pleasant ending. To sum up. Until the manga finishes and they decide to continue the trend of being true to its story and finish the anime series in that manner, Tenjou Tenge: The Ultimate Fight will remain a promise of something to come or a remainder of what could have been but wasn´t.

Re-watchability: 2-3 /5

(5)- Anywhere, anytime, as many times as you like!

(4)-Definitely worth seeing more than 3 times…

(3)-Once for regular viewer, 2 (or even 3) times for a fan.

(2)- Seeing once is more than enough.

(1)- Impossible to even reach the end…

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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