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                                            Konnichiwa, Minna-sama ~(=^.^=)~

Hello everybody how yall doing? Wanna guess what is my  favorite thing in the world? Yep, thats right anime

 I hope your on the "otaku" side, i am. i really love anime, feel free to rom around here and chat with me about your favorite anime,  always love to hear new recommendations, so feel free to leave suggestions for me, Okay?


                               tokyo raven                       

                                                       Fun facts about me:

                                                  ~ seen anime for about 4 yrs                                                 

                                            ~loves watching anime/ reading manga                                                 

                                                   ~would love to live in japan 

                                              ~trying my best to learn japanese


                                                    My favorite top  animes;

                                                     ~ Attack On Titan

                                      ~Code Geass Of The Rebellion R1+R2


                                               ~God Eater  and No game no life

                                                       ~The devil is a part timer

                                                      ~Mirrai Nikki

                                                   ~Kuroko no Basket

                                                      ~Trinity Seven

                                                  ~Full metal alchemist and fma brotherhood

Obviously Tokyo Ghoul


Feel free to tell me anything to your favorite anime to your favorite character i;ll be more than happy to listen:)




                                                    ~Favorite Anime Quote of all times


Want recommendations? Just ask hehe i.ll give you the best recommendations they are just watch :)Lol


Wanna play a game? I know its old, but just for fun, Which anime character are you? Comment down below!!!

P.S. I,m a shinagami hehe:)

months anime


I Know its long to read but let me say something else i joined a group called A-p commitee or  WECO in where we introduce new otakus to this badass anime website. We need Supporters!!!!!!! If your interested contact Sianeka one very awesome person on this website  and tell her i sent you:)



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Sianeka Dec 25, 2016

Happy Holidays!  I know it’s been a while, but it’s the time of year. *smile* I’m wishing you a warm and happy holiday season, full of joyous moments.


Alejandro1302 Jul 24, 2016


how've you been? 

Sianeka May 26, 2016

MystoganAkatsuki666 says...  i,m very sorry that i didnt tell u sooner and thank u for comprehending i would appreciate everything u did for me and i promise u that once i,m out i will contact u immediately i promise:)

I look forward to hearing  from you again. Even if you can't start greeting again, I want to hear a status report of how you are doing, ok?  You promised!!!

Sianeka May 23, 2016

MystoganAkatsuki666 says...  Thank you very much I would really appreciate it thank you

Concentrate on healing up - it's a real bummer to have to be computerless!

Sianeka May 23, 2016

MystoganAkatsuki666 says...  sianeka i humbly apologize for everything but i would like one last request its that the doctor told me that the injury has gotten worse i would really aprreciate it if u put me back to supporter because they dont allowed to touch the pc anymore until i get a little better thank u for comprehending.

I'm sorry to hear this.  I wish you were healing up as fast as you initially thought.  Don't worry about WECO - we'll still be here when you are available again.  What's important is you take care of yourself.  I'll keep you as a Supporter, no worries.  Take care of yourself.  Get better!!!