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Beach Beauties

Feb 21, 2024

The story was fine. It could have been a little better. But it was still a very fun read. A young man named Eun-Seong gains a harem of beautiful women who become attracted to his kind and generous nature. Eun-Seong decides to go on holiday to enjoy his prime years, and stays at a beautiful beach where he can see all the eye-candy he can hope for - it is also where he meets the gorgeous Yura Han. That very night, Eun-Seong wakes up to find a drunk Yura sleeping on top of him. The next day, Yura meets up with Eun-Seong, and the two hit it off almost right away; and end up sleeping together that very night (losing their virginities to each other...over and over again). However, Yura ends up disappearing the very next day...leaving Eun-Seong heartbroken. A year later, Eun-Seong continues residing at the beach, still hoping to run into Yura once again. He lives and works at a surfboard shop called "East Surf", which is owned by the incredibly sexy and mature Hyo-Jin Oh - who never shies away from flirting or seducing the young man. Eun-Seong soon meets Hyo-Jin's cute and curvaceous niece, Miri - who is a surfing pro, and takes an immediate liking to Eun-Seong. After a few sexual advances from Miri, Eun-Seong confides in Hyo-Jin about his embarrassing premature ejaculation. Hyo-Jin, being an expert on pleasure and women's bodies, assists Eun-Seong by explaining and showing everything he has to do. Unfortunately, their passionate experience is interrupted by Miri - much tp Hyo-Jin's disappointment. After, Eun-Seong and Miri do some bonding over a small chat, which leads to them having passionate love making. However, things get Yura, and her sexy friend Hye-Mi, returns and crosses paths with Eun-Seong once again. Miri is rightfully scared and insecure, as Yura and Eun-Seong still very much have feelings for each other. And so Miri does her best to seduce Eun-Seong as much as possible. 

Hyo-Jin once again tries to educate Eun-Seong on how to please the female body...but they're once again interrupted. Eun-Seong and Yura rekindle, as even though Miri does her best to sleep with Eun-Seong, he ends up needing to assist Yura to her bedroom...where they embrace a passionate experience they didn't feel the first time they were together. Luckily, Eun-Seong was also able to satisfy Miri on the same night. The next day, Eun-Seong receives a morning blowjob from Hyo-Jin; who couldn't suppress her strong sexual desires for the young man any longer. After Miri finishes with her shower, they are almost caught; and end up doing it in the balcony...where they are than almost caught by Yura - but Hyo-Jin strongly insist on experiencing what the other girls have been experiencing with Eun-Seong (and he did not all). After almost once again getting caught by Miri, Yura takes Eun-Seong to a private area where they make passionate love and admit their love for each other...but are caught by Miri. Hye-Mi's boyfriend, Sung-Soo, arrives to try and work things out with her, and so they go to a private area where they attempt to "rekindle", but the poor guy doesn't even last a minute due to exhaustion. Hye-Mi, who has covered for both Eun-Seong and Yura more than once, wants Eun-Seong to "repay" taking him to the private area, where she experiences pleasure she's never felt before; and is sadden that they'll only get to do it once. Miri meets up with Eun-Seong to ends things, and allow Eun-Seong to be with Yura. Yura even uses sexy lingerie to excite Eun-Seong, who loves it but admits that being herself is more than enough for him - the two even make a promise to always love and never leave each other. Miri even crosses path with an old friend, Chul-Soo, whom she tries to help forget about unfortunately no avail. That being said, Eun-Seong continues his affair with Hyo-Jin, as a way to bring her comfort - Hyo-Jin goes as far as to admit that Eun-Seong gives her pleasure like no other man she's been with (including her own ex-husband). 

Hyo-Jin's sexy friend, Ji-Woo, begins staying with them, and originally acts completely cold towards Eun-Seong - that is until they end up trapped in a dark room, and Ji-Woo's fear of dark, closed spaces begin to activate...and Eun-Seong uses the "comforting techniques" he learned from Hyo-Jin to distract Ji-Woo from her problem. This causes Ji-Woo to slowly fall for Eun-Seong as well; even wearing more feminine clothing for him. After, Eun-Seong and Yura make passionate love in the same place her and Miri first did their deed - and are caught by heartbroken Miri again. Yura even applies for a job to stay close with Eun-Seong...and ends up selling all of the surfboards due to her incredibly body in a bikini. On the day that Hye-Mi returns home, there's a thunderstorm that causes the shop to suffer a blackout...triggering Ji-Woo's phobias again. Ji-Woo goes to Eun-Seong's bedroom for comfort...but while kissing only makes her feel same temporarily...she comes to believe that sex might cure her. Eun-Seong is unable to resist this temptation, and makes passionate love to the slightly older Ji-Woo; taking her virginity in the process. Things however, end up going down hill from there. As the next morning, Yura walks in on Miri giving Eun-Seong a blowjob, and Miri overheard Eun-Seong calling out her aunt's name; and so both girls became so furious, that they slap and leave Eun-Seong all alone. Felling guilty over all the betrayals he's committed, Hyo-Jin convinces Eun-Seong to leave and give every some space. And as Eun-Seong prepares to leave, he meets Ji-Woo in the same bus as her. Both don't know where they're going, but Eun-Seong prepares to start a new life wherever he ends up...and he won't be alone. 

While I did like this story, there were only a few things I would have changed: I would have liked to see Hyo-Jin appear a little older, and I also would have liked to see her training Eun-Seong on how to please a woman, as well as his premature ejaculation problem, throughout the entire year he's worked for her - that would have given them a much deeper chemistry. And having Hye-Mi stay to have more "fun" with Eun-Seong would have been better than her returning home. And I know it's a long shot, but it would have been cool to see Eun-Seong end up with all of those beautiful women he's slept with - each staying and being employed in East Surf to stay close to him, and competing for his affection. Hopefully there'll be a sequel to this story, and things only get better for our MC.

6.5/10 story
7/10 art
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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