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May 10, 2019

DON'T READ THIS go to the light novel much better, you can thank me later.

Look this is a goodish manga but it gets a little frustrating if you have read or intend to read the LN, as in the manga they incorrectly name things and the story is changed in little ways that don't seem like it matters but do towards the end which is very frustrating, i highly highly highly recommend watching the anime which is much more accurate and read the LN which is one of my favorites.

The LN in much darker and in the manga they make it a little more childish

If you really want to read this because you don't wanna read a LN then i suggest you take a look at the wiki as the amazing people behind it have added what's different and have the accurate info for you to help you be less confused



Oscars: spirit is sausages the other stuff every food item that he makes is s type of sausage. people don't like to eat it cause of the incantation not the smell. Oscars kills the Mirror Image Beast with the help of a friend and some bandits which he kills afterward, and ape does not exist at all

Dai Mubai: never unlocks the saga evil eyes spirit it doesn't exist in the LN. his brother still doesn't like him at the end they never make up

Tang San: “absorbing the 4th Spirit Ring gave him the darkening mode” never happened there is no “darkening mode”. his fourth spirit ring ability is called "Blue Silver Prison" but in the light novel it is also referred to as "Blue Silver Thrust", and can also be used to pierce enemies from below good to know.

Ma Hongjun: not addicted to food but sex and is fat because of his spirit not from eating all the time, he transformation doesn’t exist after he is given the herb by Tang San he loses some weight and his spirit becomes clean thus eliminating the negative effects of him having to satisfy his libido without it killing him.

Xiao Wu: Tang San fixed the comb he didn’t buy a new won, and she didn’t fall in love at first sight it was much more gradual. Her mother and father where eaten by a powerful spirit beast when they went to the center of Star Dou Forest. She didn't go until 10,000 years later when she ran into her childhood friends and stayed with them.

Ning Rongrong: not much difference except for attitude changes, she didn’t go from mean girl to nice girl she was always a little controlling

Zhu Zhuqing: kinda the same a Ning Rongrong.

5/10 story
5/10 art
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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