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JackoSwami Feb 4, 2017

I'm a Comp Sci major, and I'm currently studying assembly language. I don't "know" it, but I know how to use it, well a little.

JackoSwami Feb 4, 2017

Thanks for the warm welcome. Ive watched so much anime I can't tell you what my favorite is. At the moment im really into Interviews with monster girls.

Sianeka Jan 24, 2017

Munna says...  thank you, I sent you an email. I'm sure if it sent or not so I figured I would tell you here just in case.

First off, I want to apologize for the lateness of this response.  Life has just been so very busy for me these days, and I've fallen behind in responding to my comments.  (Thank you for posting about your email here - I check my comments much more frequently than I check my emails and your note, especially since your email address doesn't contain your a-p name, might've gotten lost/overlooked by me.)

I'm thrilled to have you join WECO. I’ve added you officially now as a WECO Greeter, and will include you in next week's Assignment sheet (starting Sunday, Jan. 29) with no more than 10 names assigned to you.   Note that all Greeters are given two days off during the week but are expected to welcome new members on all other days, unless they have made arrangements to take some time off. The days off are assigned alphabetically based on member nickname; therefore, based on your nickname of Munna, you will have Mondays and Wednesdays off from doing welcomes.

You will be getting an email with subject line WECO Greeter Procedures that has more info and more details about being a Greeter, what to do and how to do it.  Please look for that and read it; if you don't receive it or have any questions, just get back to me and I will try to resolve the problem.

Sianeka Jan 9, 2017

Sorry for this "wall of text"  (but there is a lot of info to give you!)

Having you become a Greeter would be most awesome!  but is entirely up to you - do not feel obligated! You do NOT (absolutely NOT) have to do greetings to be a Supporter in favor of the group!

Greeters are special folks, who promise to commit time and energy to welcoming new members. The requirements are: 1) that you greet your assigned members within 48 hours of being assigned them and 2) that you respond to any messages posted on your profile page by new members you've greeted.  Even if the message you got was only "Thank you for the greeting." (The group has " standard" responses you can use in various situations to assist you in responding back to them in case you are at a loss for words in any given situation.) Greeters receive a daily Assignment Sheet with a list of new members they are assigned to welcome.

Because this is a group of volunteer members, each person's commitment level is whatever that person wants it to be.  The usual commitment is 10 people per day, but we have several Greeters that only greet 5 people per day, and several Greeters that greet people only on certain days, like on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays.  You get to tell me what your schedule will accommodate - how many people on how many days, whichever days are best for you.

Typical commitment to start is 10 greetings per day, which generally takes about 5-10 minutes of time, 5 days a week. (Minimum commitment is 5 people 1 day a week.)  Greeter requirements are that you post a welcome greeting on your assigned new members’ profile pages on your assigned day(s), and then, if a person posts a comment back on YOUR profile page, you must answer their post to you.  (We have a list of resources to supply you with Greetings ideas and responses, as well as Answers to commonly asked questions.  I can also personally help if you get stuck, if you just send me a PM or leave a comment on my profile.)  You should do your assignments within 48 hours of getting the assignment.

Time off: You can take time off whenever you want, but you need to let me know you are taking the time off, so that I can stop giving assignments to you for the time off period, and get other Greeters to cover your assignments.  Or if you find you missed doing an assignment, you can contact me to get the assigned names again to do makeup work, or let me know and I will do them instead.

It would be great to have you as a Greeter, but if you feel that making a commitment at this time is not a good idea, it would be best for you to stay as a Supporter.  I am really happy to have you in the group whichever way works best for you! 

If the Greeter info didn’t scare you off, and you still want to become a Greeter, please let me know how much time per day you might be willing to devote to this, or how many members you will contact. I'm suggesting 10 members a day to start to get the feel of doing it; then you can better decide how many to take on.  It really doesn't take too much time, especially for only 10 members -- maybe 5-10 minutes? Let me know also if you can work every day, or if there are days you need to take off.

I would also like to get an email address from you where I can send daily member assignments (since the site's PM system allows me to send messages to only 5 people at a time and happily, this club is now bigger than that!) My email address is here.  The site says you are in Michigan - you are in the EST time zone?

So, if you still wish to be a Greeter, please get back to me with the number of welcomes per day you'd like to do, days you are available, and your email address and time zone and I will get you started doing greetings with the group right away!

Sianeka Jan 9, 2017

Munna says...  Hi, I love the idea of the welcoming committee. I remember the person who welcomed me and was helpful, I would love to be a greeter if you would allow. Thank you for your time.

I am adding you as a WECO Supporter, and I thank you much!!! (Supporters are important members of the group. Their endorsement really benefits WECO by boosting morale, and by helping to increase WECO’s reputation and visibility on the site!)  If you ever want to be more involved, just let me know and I can help you take a more active part in the group, but nothing more is required.  While I love the WECO's Greeters, who do the welcomes and who are very special people, endorsements are also very cool and we love our Supporters.  Nothing more is needed. No obligations. If that is the role that is best for you, I thank you very much for your support!  (If you -are- interested in doing welcomes on a regular basis and actually greeting new members as part of the group, I'm sending info about becoming a Greeter in my next comment. I'd love it if you have time to participate at that level, as a Greeter! We ALWAYS need Greeters!  But no pressure - either way is totally fine! *smile*)

(If you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.  If you participate in the Forum, you might also consider hitting the “like” button for the group’s Forum thread here.  That would also help a lot!)