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Sianeka Mar 19, 2017

Munna says...  Also i might need a few more days off, while doing the names my computer desided it didnt want to and crashed so im gonna have to wait til i get to school on monday 

OK, am putting you back on hiatus starting the next Assignment Sheet (Sunday) so no new assignments till you tell me you are ready to come back, and we'll work out a new schedule for you then...

Munna says...  Thanks for the welcome back <3 Happy late saint Patrick's day. Some good news though from this week is that I got the first chair for the French horn section, so the hard work paid off.

I am glad to hear this!!!  First chair - Awesome!!!  That -is- great news. Grats!!

Munna says...  for the welcoming list, I wanted to know if I could have more names so maybe 20-30 names... I also wanted to know if I could change my days off, like Wednesday and Saturday?

You can have as manynames as you want and switch up your days off, no problem.  We'll work out a new schedule when you reactivate from hiatus again.

Munna says...  Also, how were your past few weeks?

It's been busy for me, but then again, seems like my schedule is always pretty full and I'm always too busy.  So much to do and NEVER enough time! LOL

Sianeka Mar 17, 2017

Mellophone?  I need to look that up to see what it is!

Sianeka Mar 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sianeka Mar 17, 2017

I have you listed as returning to doing welcome greetings today, so you have assignments on today's assignment sheet.  If this is a problem or you need more time off, please let me know.  If not, I'm glad to welcome you back and have fun with them.  I've missed seeing your greetings to others!!!

Sianeka Mar 10, 2017

Munna says...  yeah, the trombone was really fun for the time I played it, for me, I am lucky enough to have played other instruments, so I right now can play four octaves on the french horn( only because I have double french horn). I want to get a triple horn before I graduate just so I can get an even larger range and maybe do professional work. The only problem with that is that triple horns are pretty rare to come by and difficult to play...

Just from everything I've read, playing the French Horn at all is difficult to master, so kudos to you for really getting into it.  My bf long ago played trombone, tuba and cornet.  (He liked trombone best.)  He said his teacher tried to get him into FH but the small mouthpiece was not appealing to him...

I'm going to now Google the difference between double and triple horns - I have an idea, but I want to verify in my mind.

How long have you been playing?