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XxSkyVoicexX Apr 11, 2017

That's really, really tough... Hmm. Probably Re:Zero at the moment. My favorite anime sorta changes over time though...

AnimeBird Apr 5, 2017

I love so many different animes I can't choose, but I absolutely love Yuri on Ice, Attack on Titan and Naruto.

Sorry I answered so late!

Loxie Apr 2, 2017

Thank you very much! I don't have any questions for now... But if I have, I'll ask you :) 

About my favorite anime... I feel like I'm still new to anime, so I haven't watch a lot... But I really liked Sword Art Online... And I love everything that has a cheesy romantic story so... x) 

What about you?

P.S.: Sorry if I made mistake, French is my first language and I don't usually write in English... I'll do my best. :P

Dannyboy500 Mar 28, 2017

My favorite anime is konosuba

Sianeka Mar 22, 2017

Munna says...  Hey, so I got my computer back today and all it needed was a different internet connection and for the battery to be taken out and placed back in. sorry for the inconvenience and I can return hopefully without problems this time and I can start whenever.  

Oh, that's good news for WECO - Thank you!!!  (And good news for you as well since it's such a bummer to be without computer and internet - I'd be devastated!)  I'll start you up again right away with assignments on Thursday. *smile*  Grats on an again working computer!

Oh, and I'll implement your new schedule, with an increase in your names to 20-30 per day as you'd previously requested, and new days off Wednesdays and Saturdays.  If you find that needs to be adjusted or changed, just let me know!