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My name is Federico, i'm from for Argentina , male and i have 25 years old.

I study History at Catholic University Argentina in Buenos Aires. And i study japanese in Nichia Gakuin. 日本語を勉強します!

   I have a dog. His name is Toto.  

My favorite anime and manga is One Piece. But i like all kind of anime and manga. 


Hobbies: I like reading (manga, novels or books about history), play videogames (my favorite game is Persona or any jrpg), watch anime, talk with my friends, make videos for youtube, listen music (specially openings for a lot of anime series, for example, "Colors"- Flow for Code Geass), play tennis and i like rainy days.


If you want, you are welcome to talk with me and ask me what you want to know.


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Venosaurka Aug 31, 2020

I'm really sorry for this extremely late reply! 

My favourite anime are:

1) Monogatari Series 

2) Perfect Blue

3) Neon Genesis Evangelion


5) Serial Experiments Lain

6) The Tatami Galaxy

7) Vinland Saga

8) Mushishi

9) March Comes in Like a Lion

10) Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

All of these series are really special to me. I love almost everything about Monogatari Series. Almost every Monogatari character is special to me, Monogatari is also one of the reasons why I really like psychological anime. I really love concept and script of Perfect Blue, it is one of the few series which fit my taste perfectly. I believe I don't have to explain why I love NGE. It is really well-written classic, and one of the few shows which I would recommend to everybody. I love how crazy FLCL is, I also found many characters in it relatable and I loved the massage the entire series has. Lain is extrmely unique, I really loved to analyze the whole series and Lain as a character. Tatami Galaxy is in my opinion the best romance anime and the best anime about time traveling. Vinland Saga is definitely the only very recent anime which was reall special to me, I was looking forward to new episode every week and I started reading manga after I watched last episode. Mushishi is very creepy and relaxing at the same time, every episode has different atmosphere and feels differently and they were all very special to me. March Comes in Like a Lion us very unique drama with amazing animation. Shouwa Genroku is quite unique and very enjoyable series, both seasons were incridible in many ways.

I actually haven't watched Onizuka yet, but I want to watch it soon. I will definitely love Onizuka as character. First arc of Promised Neverland is really great, I enjoyed it more in manga through. 

My first game was also Pokémon Red. Pokémon is very special franchise to me. My favourite Pokémon game is definitely Black and White. My favourite game is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

I prefer anime in Japanese, but I actually like dubbed anime. What about you? I prefer fan translations, but I have nothing against official translations. I really like Crunchyroll translations, but I don't really like Funimation translations. What about you?

What anime are you watching from this season?

adroman786 Aug 2, 2020

Thankyou soooo  much brother.

adroman786 Jul 30, 2020

 hi! how are you. i need a faver from you. how i can make recommendations .

adroman786 Jul 20, 2020

Hi! How are you .😞