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I really love anime and manga. I love singing it is my passion. Yachiru is sooo adorible and people say I'm like her lol. I'm kinda shy but I love getting to know people and I'm nice I promise. ^-^

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MystoganAkatsuki666 Apr 4, 2016


 hey can you tell me your top 10 bleach favorite characters?:)

MystoganAkatsuki666 Apr 2, 2016

hello Muffinforever ur bleach fan? i really love bleach especially yachiru shes so adorable and cute.

can we become friends?

tennis101101 Oct 1, 2015

You're welcome.

tennis101101 Sep 30, 2015

Thanks for the follow.

I really like your Avatar and Cover pictures.

Sianeka Aug 28, 2015

Muffinsforever21 says...   Okay I will ^-^ Being in school makes it a bit hard to comment all the time but I'll try!!

I know, it's time consuming to create your Anime List, but believe me, it is soooooooo worth it.  Mine is indispensable to me.  I find my Anime List here invaluable to help me keep note of my progress for anime I am currently watching (keeping track of which episode I am on, since I'm often in the middle of LOTS of different titles) and for noting new titles that interest me that I don't want to forget about and want to remember to check out in the future.  Then I created my current ratings system, and now even my "watched" anime on my list has great meaning for me, since my ratings now are meaningful and significant to me and often help clarify my memories of a show and help me to remember just how I felt when I was watching it.