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GundamWelcome friends,

to my anime corner on the web. I started watching anime on Italian tv channels as a kid in the early 80s and I am mostly into sci-fi and fantasy anime, but I do try anything that catches my eye irrespective of the genre. I collect lots of anime-related stuff and adore building dioramas for photographic purposes. I also like cosplay and reenactment photography. Time flies and the anime world has changed drastically since the early days in quality, quantity, and availability. You start to get the idea when most of your favorite anime got rebooted. Often it is great to watch an old anime brought back to life with modern animation and ideas, reintroducing a series and sometimes even offering a better plot and conclusion. These days I keep close track of every season (thanks to a-p) and am constantly on the lookout for cool new stuff. I would like my profile to be a nice stop offering ideas on what to watch from the current and past seasons. For this purpose I create lists highlighting those which in my opinion, are some of the best anime, not to be missed by anyone not just newbies. As a rule of thumb I do not consider sequel seasons in my rankings, but only new first seasons, to be able to give exposure to a larger variety of anime. Like most using a-p, I make sure to rank all anime I have watched with the usual five-star system (5 being the best). 

You are welcome to contact me even just to say hello :D

Cya around, MuLaFlaga


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irlydontknow Oct 3, 2020

Hey There! I like your taste anime! I also was wondering if you could tell me how you made you lists look like that because I would really appriciate that.

MintyAmbitions Mar 13, 2019

//Hope your bio didn't include some please don't comment thing it seems weird to be empty down here//


I feel like I've seen a minor deity with those numbers.

Also, Hello Hello!