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Extra Cute Mangas

Mangas with either a cute story, or really cute characters/art. But they can also hide "dark meanings". In conclusion: they have something cute. (The list includes lgbt relationships)
1 A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You

The art is cute, and the mc can be seen as cute too. Is BL and includes some not hard yaoi scenes.

2 Alice in Adultland

Alice in Adultland

Everything is cute, from the characters, to the art and story. BL, includes yaoi scenes, but not a lot. 

3 Barakamon


The characters are cute, specially children. It has an anime.

4 Chibisan Date

Chibisan Date

I think the story is kind of cute? And the art.

5 Harukaze no Étranger

Harukaze no Étranger

The art is cute, and some of the characters too. Is BL, and includes yaoi scenes. It has a prequel.

6 Horimiya


Two pair of cuties

7 Kami-sama Darling

Kami-sama Darling

The art and the characters are somehow cute, is BL and includes yaoi scenes, but not hard ones, if you know what I mean. 

8 Karneval


The mc is cute, the story is kind of cute (also somehow dark, but really good) and the art is good. It also has anime.

9 Koi ni mo Naranai.

Koi ni mo Naranai.

Everything here is cute. Is short, and BL, but doesn't include yaoi scenes.

10 Konya mo Nemurenai

Konya mo Nemurenai

The mc is cute, the story and art are kind of cute. Is BL and includes yaoi scenes, but only a few (I think only one?). It has a second part.

11 Kuro


The mc is cute and the art too. Is short.

12 Love So Life

Love So Life

Everything is really cute.



14 Natsume's Book of Friends

Natsume's Book of Friends

I find the story to be cute (even when it has dark moments, and sad ones). The mc is cute if you like him. I feel this story is cute to those who like it. It also has an anime (more than one season).

15 Shounen Note

Shounen Note

The characters, story and art are cute. Is only 8 volumenes long.

16 Star x Fanboy

Star x Fanboy

The characters are super cute (in my humble opinion lol)

17 The Betrayal Knows My Name

The Betrayal Knows My Name

The art and characters are cute. Is not BL, and doesn't have yaoi in it. It has an anime.

18 The Morose Mononokean

The Morose Mononokean

ALL IT IS CUTE. At least, from my point of view. It also has an anime.

19 They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter

They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter

She is cute to boys

20 Voice of Love

Voice of Love

Is a cute love story, with cute characters. Again, is BL (no yaoi scenes), but it has some supernatural stuff in it (MC can read minds).


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