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Lotte no Omocha!

Jun 15, 2019

I watched it all the way through and while I winced at some of the verbal adult innuendos, it is not as pedophilic as some have described in the reviews. It is not a good anime but it dose have a few comic moments and definitely not for children. I would have preferred it toned down as the adult innuendos, they were neither necessary or amusing.

The basic story is a 10 year old succubus princess Astarotte will need to have a harem of men gathered before she reaches puberty. She will need to draw out their “life seed” at that point. Life seed is never fully explained but up the audience interpretation. No mention of semen or sex in this process and for me I assume it is not semen if many men would be needed.

The main problem is she hates men. As a child she was to spend the night with her mom, but a man from her mom’s harem brushed her aside before she could get to her mother’s chambers. She has hated men ever since & lives away from the main palace. So she demands her first harem member be human and since humans are creatures of myth she can avoid having a harem. Well, child logic here.

Enter a 23 year old man (Naoya, who looks 15) and has a 10 year old daughter (Asuha) he is raising by himself. To me, he is a very likeable, responsible character that loves his daughter. Not many teen boys would have been ready to be a father, (well, this is a fantasy). The chief of staff to Astarotte came to our dimension & offers him a nondescript job with good pay.

He takes the job with the encouragement of his daughter. Naoya is more like a father figure/butler to princess Astarotte while Asuha, his daughter is like a sister, in more ways than one. Naoya obviously cares for princess Astarotte. He is patient and kind. Most important, there is no inappropriate contact between Naoya and princess Astarotte. It is not clear to me by the end how things will unfold between them, but these two are likeable characters, the rest, feh.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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