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RokyaA May 30, 2021

Maybe aizawas secret love child

RokyaA May 30, 2021

Maybe aizawas secret love child

kanekistoenail Apr 22, 2021

same at first now i've gotten used to him since that

BlameSaiki Mar 3, 2021

"My favorites are based on personalities, character development & a character's presence (meaning how much I miss them when "lesser" characters appear on the screen). If I favorited them, then they are a pretty special character to me. 

My not-a-fan-of list are characters who I hated not disliked but HATED. There were many characters where I disliked what they did but it did not elicit hate. These characters either had a trait I despited or did something unforgivable."

WE ARE THE SAME. I'm happy I finally found someone who really lets the characters speak to them. I'm very character-obsessed myself, so if I can't latch onto even a single character in a show, I'll probably hate it and drop it. Naruto was also my first real gateway to this world (I don't count Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!), so it holds a special place in my heart, as well. I've read the manga a few times now, but I'm finally getting around to finishing Shippuden after long years of having it on hold lol

Anyway, nice to meet you!

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