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KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 1, 2022


love your taste bro😏✨

AKAAiri Dec 14, 2021

I mean,  I'm still watching Naruto and MHA. My big brother watches both of them with me, so we have time to watch only when he has free time. 😅

And yeah, Kakashi and Itachi are both cool!

AKAAiri Dec 13, 2021

Wait, you started 2019 and have already watched 60 animes? That's an admirable accomplishment. Also, Kakashi is probably one of the biggest anime crushes I've ever had. What a cool man.

Glitterz May 31, 2021

Haha, loved reading your bio XD

Hope you have a great day!

RokyaA May 30, 2021

Maybe aizawas secret love child