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Hey am mrchrisdynamite an 19 year old Otaku from Scotland.I love Anime and video games my favourite animes are Durarara FMA Brotherhood,My Hero Academia and The Melancholy of Haruhi games are Doki Doki Literature Club,Overwatch and Senran Kugura I have a Ps4.My favourite characters are Shizuo Heiwajima,Yuri from DDLC,Yuki Nagato,Shoto Todoroki and Edward Elric. My favourire voice actors are Vic Mignogna,Crispin Freeman,Michelle Ruff,Johnny Yong Bosch 'Bryce Papenbrook. and David Matranga  i also like football too my teams are Everton and Scotland national football team.I like going on Hoildays i would really like to go to Japan or Usa to meet the dub voice actors and Japan for the figures and manga.i have a youtube channel i give you to check it out

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KusakaKenzoki Sep 5, 2018

MrChrisdynamite Thank you the follow nice meet you!

Raulzus Sep 1, 2018

Thanks for the follow m8.

Stela May 28, 2018

 Hi Mrchrisdynamite! Thanks for the follow and nice to meet you!

FullmetalDragon May 13, 2018

Haha, ikr! I must say, I'm quite surprised they bought out Steins;Gate after so long. I mean, season one came out in 2011!! That was so long ago...

FullmetalDragon May 11, 2018

Double thumbs up for MHA and Steins Gate, very good choices :P How are you finding them?