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My ratings:

0,5 - extreamly crap which i try to avoid

1 -so bad that induce you to drop it and forget

1,5- anime hurting while watching

2 - very booring anime...hard to end it

2,5 -mostly annoying/poor story characters, or just trully avg anime

3 - avarage anime with sth interesting, nice or good with sth annoying

3,5- good anime but create on some schematics

4 - very good anime great fun, something orginal

4,5 - one of the best in it's genre, absolutley memorable

5- absolutley masterpice in multigenre sense with some universal wisdome, second bottom


yey 10k eps!


Top genre: psychologycal/philosophycal drama :)

Top 10 worth watch of this genre(only Tv series)

1 Fullmetal Alchemist

2 Neon Genesis Evangelion

3 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

4 Heroic Age

5 Mushishi

6 Chaos;HEAd

7 Death Note

8 Psycho-Pass 2

9 Ergo Proxy

10 Animatrix


11Eureka Seven 12 Soul Eater, 13 Aria the Animation 14 To Aru Majutsu no Index, 15 Bokurano, 16 Pandora Hearts, 17 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED 18 Kiba 19 XXXHOLiC, 20 Kotoura-san, 21 Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii. 22 Steins;Gate, 23 Naruto Shippuden, 24 Seirei no Moribito, 25 The Twelve Kingdoms

also(not in order):

Parasyte -the maxim-, Arata the Legend, Ghost in the Shell(movie-exclude), Serial Experiments Lain, , Mirai Nikki TV, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars NovaKakumeiki Valvrave 2, Kurozuka, Fate/stay night, Elfen Lied, Trigun, Shuffle!, D.Gray-man, Air, Welcome to the NHK!, School Days, Darker Than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha, Haibane Renmei, .hack//SIGN, DearS, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Black Lagoon, Monster, Ayashi no Ceres, Macross Frontier, Dragonaut: The Resonance, RahXephon, GANTZ, Shiki, Tokyo Ghoul


Best of:

comedy: GTO

parody: DMC

mind fuck: NGE

philozophy: FMA(2004)

Drama: Code Geass

Si-fi: Heroic Age

echii: Dear S

shouen: One piece

harem: Sekirei

criminal: Death note

fantasy: 12 kingdoms

mecha: Gunam SEED

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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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paramecium1 Sep 13, 2019

He is not allowed to harm a Shichibukai because of the agreement between WG and those pirates. Fujitora did the right thing. In the Navy he is the most open minded and sees things clearly even though he is blind.

yusef258 Aug 7, 2019

you adore Orihime Inoue? I don't get it, I don't have a reason to like her.

brat682 Apr 3, 2019

Agreed. Tired of not liking main characters because they are dumber than a box of rocks.  Ex. Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Goku, to name a few lol

kyandibaburu Mar 25, 2018

I apologise for your experience with "How to Keep a Mummy". 

Unfortunately this anime is not psychological per se. That's why it isn't marked as "psychological". Its psychological depth appears after 7th episode, but it is so well hidden under its main story (which is story about magical creatures which appear when one has difficulties in life) that one might not see it unless having more psychology knowledge. Overall it is just a sand in the sea while comparing to other "psychological" anime, but it is more psychological if you look it as a whole. After all not all psychological anime are dealing with trauma, depression, parent abuse, death and bullying. If I was about to review episode by episode, review would be different. 

It is similar as Mayoiga which is described as "psychological", but it can be pretty boring, especially the first episode (I would probably drop it if I wasn't psychology student), if you are not familiar with social psychology, theories of group dinamic and Freud's theory. It sadly gets more psychological in final episodes, but one would need to get over less interesting episodes. So I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone, but I'm still trying to teach others about psychology through different anime, regardless if they are pure psychological or not. 

On the other hand, Kotoura-san starts with deep and heart breaking psychological episode which might have a large impact on its watchers. Because it is sincerely dealing with important psychological themes like parent abuse, bullying, meaning of ones life etc., it is far more psychological than Mayoiga or How to Keep a Mummy. Because those two are covering psychological themes with main story, which is "survival game and horror" and "comedy and sweetness". I agree that one can be very dissapointed and I don't recommend watching it to get smaller thrill from the latest episodes. There are far better "psychological" anime out there. 

But anyway, thank you for trying to watch this anime and to comment on my review. Every opinion counts because we all have different view on certain anime. I'm sorry for long explanation, I just saw you are interested in psychological anime and I thought I would give you a reply as postgraduate psychology student. I apologise for inconvenience.