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MrReally Jun 22
commented on Sakura HARUNO
While she might have been the worst anime character growing up I will say there are worse. Occasionally she has been useful in her series. Unfortunately that still doesn't make up for how useless she is. The only thing making her worth anything is the fact that there are characters like Usopp out there. If she wasn't as major a part of the series she wouldn't be looked down upon as much but she's still in completion for worst anime character.

Sakura is a young female ninja who was one of Naruto’s classmates at the academy. She is extremely talented at manipulating chakra and has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of ninja...

MrReally Jun 22
commented on Usopp
If you don't hate this character I want you to know that you are a miracle because he sucks. This character has never improved all he does is cry, complain, run away, lie, and look dumb while doing it. If you watch the show you're left with the thought he'll eventually improve and be courageous like he wants to be but you'll always be let down. There was a brief moment where he put a mask on and wasn't that bad but it was just a tease for what could have been. He's lucky there are bad characters like Lucy or Sakura otherwise he'd always stay in the limelight for what not to do to a character.

Though his tall tales often state otherwise, Usopp is a complete wimp who will regularly hide behind his stronger comrades rather than fight. However his skill and accuracy with a catapult earns him...

MrReally Jun 22
commented on Lucy HEARTFILIA
She's a tough competitor for worst character in anime. All she ever does is complain and then get involved in battles that she shouldn't be there for. She doesn't have much strength she just uses others and the power of friendship. She is the epitome of plot armor. If they removed her the show would boost up 10 times over.

Lucy is a young woman who has only just joined the Fairy Tail guild. As a celestial wizard she summons spirits to her side in battle using keys that she acquires either through purchase or...

MrReally Apr 2022
commented on Inosuke HASHIBIRA
One of the dumbest characters I've seen in anime. He doesn't look half bad without the mask but his personality leaves alot to be desired. I will say his voice in the dub version is partially to blame for the hate towards him.