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CrimsonCondor May 27, 2020

I am flattered! Jibril is an intriguing character, so I would probably like her if the anime did not reduce her to fanservice and comic relief much of the time. I am sure she is better in the manga. Are there other characters in NGNL you like?

CrimsonCondor May 24, 2020

I completely understand. I am sorry if I sounded confrontational! I will delete my comments because your explanation is sensible. You seem like a nice person; would you like to be friends?

CrimsonCondor May 23, 2020

I see, so her contradictory and unique actions fascinate you? I understand; I am largely indifferent regarding her, but I will certainly grant her props for those qualities. Thank you for your thorough, punctual answer!

CrimsonCondor May 21, 2020

Hello! Would you mind explaining to me why you like Jibril? I am genuinely curious. I have not watched the film, nor do I plan on it, but I have watched the main series, the manner movie, and the specials, so spoil away!

Oceanwithwaves Mar 7, 2020

I have nothing more to say than just: Yes, Jibril! <3