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Household Affairs

Sep 16, 2020


To everyone who reads these lines don't say I didn't warn you in time.


The whole manga revolves around a WIFE who has an AFFAIR... well who would have guessed?

After reading it 'till the 29th chapter I dropped this because it was so boring and there was no progression in the story whatsoever. Later on I contiuned but oh boy.... This whole 7X chapters are just an average hentai anyone would read on sites made for those kind of mangas. Basically anyone who read the first 5-10 chapters knows the whole story. After you read the beforehand mentioned chapters you can skip to chapter 65 (if you wanna suffer reading it) or to 70 if you want the story to actually progress. All chapters between the previously mentioned ones are only fillers. With s*x scenes and more s*x scenes. And that's all there is to it.

Maybe 1/10 if I WOULD want to be kind I MAY give it a 2/10 but I'm not. Muhahaha.


Maybe the best part of the whole manga was the art. It's obviously not an old manga and It's clear that it was drawn on PC/Tablet so there is not much bad to say about it. I've seen some better ones obviously but considering someone had to actually draw it and took his/her own time to do it I'd say it's a decent art.

5 or 6/10


I can't really speak about the characters in a good way. So I'll at least try to be a bit "milder" about this section. The wife is well... she is as the title says not a good woman. Sleeping with different guys while thinking about useless cr*p and not doing anything slightly progressive throughout the entire story. My favorite part about her was the ending part. (For those who read it, y'all know what I'm talking about.) The husband was an interesting guy but there are a lot more killer/assassin MCs out there in the universe who are 1000 times better than him. The other MC guy aka. "Delivery guy" was the typical kinda guy you'd find in NTR/Cheating hentai tags. My favorite character (and maybe the only likable one) the redhead chick who did... things. At least a bit properly. 

Sadly the minimum requiements anyone would want from a manga wasn't there. Aaaand yes it's the developement of the characters. All the characters did whatever the f*ck they wanted. Sometimes going left. Next chapter going right. Not even the tiniest of change from the start.



I don't even know when was the last time I read something similarly horrible manga. And trust me if I say i read some really really bad ones. Saddest part about all this is the fact that I wasted my time reading this. Never ever would I like to even think about this in the future.


PS.: As english is not my mother tongue I may had some misspellings or some errors in my grammar. I hope It's still readable and not a mess :( If it's truly bad then the point of all this is: DO NOT READ IT (not as a manga nor as a hentai) BUT IF YOU ALREADY DID THEN MY CONDOLENCES.

1/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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