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Reasons I Hate Sakura

1. She is the weakest member of Team 7

2. She always makes uneccesary actions like punching Naruto and being angry for little things

3. She does not have love for Sasuke, it's obsession

4. The people who actually likes her does not really matter to her

5. Talks and simps about Sasuke every episode

6. Always thinks that Sasuke is better than Naruto

7. Lied about loving Naruto

8. Went to a date with Naruto just to talk about Sasuke

9. She only has 3 useful moments, punching Kaguya, healing people in the war, and bringing Sasuke back from the desert dimension

10. She doesn't really help in the plot

11. Always depended on Naruto

12. Makes fun of Naruto for not having parents

Why i hate Sakura HarunoSakura is useless... | Fandom

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Xairyan May 21, 2022

Bro i think u have some real life issues that u need to work out, u r projecting so much against a animated character, please stop and seek counciling. 

oldreference Dec 13, 2021

I mean.... I'm not a Sakura simp since I don't even like her. I don't hate her either though, since I haven't seen the show. But thanks for giving me reasons that people may hate her for. The only thing most of her haters have said is "she's annoying". 

MG20010604 Dec 4, 2021

your taste is trash like sakura haters lol

Rookblonkorules Dec 1, 2021

Do you have anything better to do than hurl abuse at people with different opinions? I've seen your comments everywhere.

You're blocked, lmao. I'm genuinely not interested in the opinions of an anti who has nothing better to do with their profile than let people now how much of an anti they are. Grow up.

Rookblonkorules Dec 1, 2021

Sweetheart, I don't care. :)