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If you ever wanna talk you can add me on social media or discord. 

I currently am attending college for music and my major is Music Production. I like to watch and read many things from a wide range of genres (Least popular one being mecha ones and Yaoi/BL/Yuri since I don't really like reading or watching that type of stuff (Trauma from a Prank lmfao)) 

I absolutely love anime,manga, manhua, and webtoons. I don't favor 3d but it gets away sometimes, In my personal opinion 2D>3D

I watch my anime in Subtitles or RAW for japanese, Sub for Chinese, I never, ever watch in English dubs. 

I hope to make music in Films, Anime, and just general music industry. 


(2018 Challenges)

2018 Anime Watching Challenge - 300+ Days Left

Winter 2018 Anime Challenge - 50+ Days left

2018 Reading Challenge - 300+ Days Left

Personal Challenges - Exercise every other day for at least one hour (Past 2 weeks every day so far) , Work on, make, create music, Watchi moar anime, Read moar manga/manhua/webtoon, and Release a Single (or several singles) and a EP by the end of the year. 

MyAnimeList 2018 Challenge (Difficulty: KING)

(My Top 10 Anime (Updating))[no particular order]

1: Ano Hana aka The Flower We Saw That Day

2. No Game No Life

If you have any business inquiries then email me at [email protected]

I also have a myanimelist profile which I try to update but this one is more up to date and active right now.

Wallpaper I made with MinimEdit (Didn't Draw anything simply drag drop and resize)

I sometimes share this account with my friend who reads manga. Don't worry since I supervice him when he's updating his side of stuff. ^^

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Yakhio Feb 1, 2018

Nice to meet ya too~  (`・ω・´)” 

Oh really? :0 It's fairly easy here to buy mangas, they sell some in larger grocery stores, next to magazines. Only Finnish publications only tho. To get English manga, I have to order it from online or go to capital, as it's the closest city that has one of those stores which sell imported manga. I don't mind, since I always play Pokemon Go when I go to capital. :3 

I like soba, udon & rice noodles the best. And I prefer those which comes without any seasonings so I can mix them myself. Usually I just use soy and mirin.  。◕‿◕。 Or sometimes I fry them with vegetables and eggs, so seasonings may not go with them. (Like I don't like to use pork seasoning with vegetables. xD) 

Oh, sounds nice.  。◕‿◕。 As I live in Northern Europe, we have some basic Asian stuff in our normal market (basic noodles, soy, mirin..) but the selection isn't too big. Even tofu is cheaper to buy from those little oriental stores than from regular market, and they sell bigger packages than regular markets. :1 Some noodles are lil bit cheaper when I buy them from those oriental/asian stores, and I can get like 1 litre soy sauce bottles from there. (Believe, I need 1l bottles, I eat so much noodles & use it to season other stuff too.) 

xkuhaku Jan 30, 2018

Thanks for understanding :) Oh! You make music?

zerothehero Jan 25, 2018

Hi! Sorry for the super late reply. I've been busy with school and stuff :/

Are you watching anything interesting right now?

xkuhaku Jan 22, 2018

Hey Nicholas :D I look foward to chatting with you too. To be honest, I've been quite busy with family stuff so I may take awhile to reply. So please bear with me on that ><

Yakhio Jan 20, 2018

 Heyooo~ (,, ・∀・)ノ゛

That's nice to hear that ya are doing great. ^^ I've been tired too myself, since it has been again pretty busy week in my internship. 

But I'm fine! Today I was shopping with my lil brother and bough bunch of mangas. And import noodles from Asian stores. They are cheaper than from normal markets and more different flavors hahaha. 

You can call me Yakhio or Yaki. :3 One of my oldest role playing characters was called Yakimura and people started to call me Yaki after her. Hahaha, even my high school friends called me Yaki, since they learned it faster from old Windows messenger, than my real name.  。◕‿◕。