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Who Am I?

I'm a AMV youtuber called Deadbeat Dacat AMV, I'm a big anime lover along with music also a being a big gamer and a abit of a writer. My first anime was either Sharman King or Naurto and I forget which one XD, I have plenty of ships I like, favourite one being Zero Two x Hiro, and my favourite anime charicter of all time has to be Glenn from Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor.

Top 10 Animes?

  1. Darling in the franxx -(had me in tears by the end)
  2. Angel beats -(same as the first XD)
  3. Baka and Test -(A funny ass show that never get boring)
  4. Future Diary -( I really Like the story)
  5. Masmune  Revange  -(love the MC and the story)
  6. Bakakamon -(so wholesome)
  7. A Certain Magical Index -(love the theme of magic meet science and has one of my fav MCs)
  8. Naurto- (childhood anime I loved, everythink about this anime)
  9. Sharman King -(childhood anime I loved, everythink about this anime)
  10. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K -(always can alway make me laught)

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OsumarefromMAL Mar 29, 2022

It's okay, life happens lol

And yeah it was so weird how they brushed that aside as if she was just typical tsundere that was like "NOOO Manabe is MINE!!!!" like...huh? She literally was publically berating Kotoura and almost succeeding in getting people from other classes to harass her and, as I said earlier, only stopped because the guy she liked was mad at her.

It's funny you replied just now because I've been watching Kuroko no Basket lately and it just so happens a few days ago I finished the episodes where Seirin goes against Kirisaki Daiichi High, and much like with Kotoura-san, a bully gets treated with KINDNESS and OPEN ARMS by the person they harassed and it's just swept under the rug, and in KNB it's even worse because the harasser literally INJURED the knee of the person they were targeting which is why the person won't be able to play their senior years. The knee-hurter even gets a COMPLIMENT on his play from the guy he injured like lol WHAT???? Keep in mind during this second match, the harasser had a plan SOLELY based on injuring this guy until he wouldn't be able to still be on the court. This psychopath could've ended up making it so that the other guy would never be able to play basketball to stand correctly again and he gets a smile and praise in return. I honestly was speechless at the lack of logic in that whole scene.

I've always found it weird tbh how bullying is dealt with in anime, it's usually either one extreme where the bully more or less gets away scot-free or only shows remorse later on (Bakugo and Izuku's situation, Kotoura-san) or the bully is killed or injured in some edgelord borderline school-shooting fantasy (Magical Girl Site, Elfen Lied). I understand it's fiction but it would be nice if there were more situations of bullies being held accountable in anime that don't result in blood-splatter or undeserving redemption arcs.

ThatOneFriend Mar 28, 2022

yea np thx 4 following back XD

ThatOneFriend Feb 1, 2022

you seem like a really cool person

so ima follow you

OsumarefromMAL Jan 28, 2022

I saw what you said about Hiyori from Kotoura-san and I agree. I found the show's premise and conclusion interesting, but to this day I really dislike how easily forgiven Hiyori was. She viciously bullied Kotoura to the point that not only were other classmates bullying her but Hiyori almost succeeded in getting people from other grades to join in as well.

To make it worse, the only reason Hiyori stopped is due to the fact that she had a crush on the MC, which makes the tsundere moments they do with Hiyori towards Manabe not funny or appropriate because unlike most tsunderes who are just agressive towards their crush and not that bad of a person when it comes to other people, she is legitimately a jerk who plays victim. How Kotoura found it in her to forgive and befriend Hiyori so easily is beyond me.