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Story (Terrible)
I highly recommend NOT to watch this, seriously don't, but who I am to tell you what to do.
It could had been a pretty cool REMAKE but no matter how you see it won't be good for the next reasons:
1.- What you see in here, is fit in less than 2 hours (around 3 episodes and a half) and it was covering around 20 episodes of the original story, plus another 20 of introduction before of what we are watching in here, so it is incomplete, so characters end being forced and not fully respected about their ideals like in the show, battles feel cheap, and the story is just rushed to the point of not caring for what is going on.
2.-If it was made long as another show, it has its cool changes, like the fact that they take away the last part of Shishio's arc which is very shounen for my taste and combine it with what was happening before, so they could make a full series with the same idea but it still wouldn't work, since fans would say why this if I already can watch what they did before and it is still heck of awesome.
4.-And if they tried to give it another focus like the other two OVAs, it would might work but we will be comparing all the time and chances are, it would be crap.

And don't let the premise and stuff fool you, this is not about Misao, this is just an uncomplete summary, but it short words, this OVA shouldn't had existed, it is not something unbearable but there is nothing new and nothing you would miss if you skip it.

Characters (Bad)
They feel lazy almost all the time, there is nothing much to say.

Sound (Average)
Music is nice actually, some songs from the original but it is the average soundtrack, same voices at least, and good sound effects, not much to say as well.

Animation (Average)
The Original animation is not prominent for it's style but it certainty has its uniqueness that the fans love, the other two OVAs had their romantic highly detailed realism of animation which was gorgeous and had its uniqueness like the the TV show, this... feels like Kyoto Animation trying to do Moe Kenshin... the only positive thing I could say is: Misao looks like such a cutie.

Enjoyment (Terrible)
In the first 15 minutes you are already thinking that the OVA is giving you the middle finger since you know you are wasting your time.

Overall (Bad)
While the three OVAs have A sex scene, while the others are shown with romanticism and are actually meaningful, here it is for a joke XD that's describes perfectly how I feel about this.

0.1/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
2.2/10 overall

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