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I make lists of anime, watch anime, read manga, create AMVs and I'm living proof you can have a life while doing all this. I play sports and exercise regularly.

My hobbies consist of exercise, eating, listing to music, watch a fuck ton of anime and read.

I have 87 friends that I would die for, about 300 friends I don't give a damn about and only found 9 people I hate.

I used to have a girlfriend but got dumped. 

If you ask If I hate internet trolls. I don't hate people on the internet because that to me is stupid you shouldn't judge them as a person based on a comment. They could be completely different in person than they are on the internet.

 I started Anime way back my first 2 anime were Pokemon & Dragon Ball. I was about three when I started. I didn't become a full blown anime fan until I was about six years old, but I dropped anime all together in middle school then came back to it Freshman year thats when I finally watched my hundredth anime. It was Another and I got myself re-hooked on Anime, the more I watched the more good and bad shows I found some were laughably bad and some like Psycho-Pass were so good that I wouldn't want to do anything but watch the show.

My Favorite Show is either Hellsing Ultimate or Psycho-Pass 

My Favorite Anime Genre is Horror & My Second Favorite is Yuri

My All Time Favorite Manga is Another but My Favorite Light Novel is Garden Of Sinners

My True Waifu, Every big youtuber has a signature waifu and so do I (Note: I'm not a big youtuber nor do I consider youtube as a job). Mine is Asia Argento

My Favorite Harem Protagonist is Basara from Shinmai Maou no Testament

Almost all the manga I've read I've bought, and the one's I didn't are either webcomic's or are manga that can't be found on Amazon.

My Youtube Channel is 

And to answer a question thats Big in the Anime Community. Which do you prefer Flat Justice or Big Boobs?

I prefer Boobs even though most of my waifu's are flat chested.

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osaka Apr 5, 2021

hey hey! Thank you so much for follow! Hope you have a good day/night/evening?! So- which is your favourite manga or anime if I can ask?? :D

Or maybe you have your favourite character??

LUCIIIII Apr 2, 2021

Hello, thanks for following!! 🤗

Feel free to message me anytime <33

JapanFreak Jun 10, 2017

Hi nice to meet you!

Mousekateer627 Apr 28, 2017

A Bridge under the starry sky I've watched around a year ago I thouht it was pretty good but it needs more development in story and characters even though it's a sweet simple story taking place out in the country.

Best Student Council I haven't watched in 5 years so I might need to watch again someday to renew my opinion on it.

Chika and Cardcaptor Sakura I have planned on watching them for a long time time but never got around to them yet. And I sort of have mixed opinions on Witch Girl Academia, How is it?

I've been wanting to watch Ero Manga Sensei since the manga caught my eye. I'll watch it as soon as the series ends.

Lately it's been mostly Video games and Visual novels with me. So I really should take it easy and go back to relaxing with some animes. Especially since the games I'm playing require the use of my brain most of the time.

Mousekateer627 Apr 20, 2017

Hi there. It's nice to hear from you again.

Really sorry about responding late. There were some change of systems at work so it's been tiresome and hectic for me the past two weeks and I've also been hooked on an anime trilogy game so I haven't been very active online.

I haven't been watching a lot of animes for a while since I've been busy with work or gaming on my free time.

Let's see, These are I've watched since we last spoke

-I watched Gabriel Dropout and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid on your Recomendation.

-I just finishedd Muv-Luv Alternative which was decent at best.

I also finished watching Zakuro since I was in the mood for Japanese Myth animes (I really liked it too).

-I also finished a 2 min per ep anime called Nyanko Days it was short but Super Cute.

- I watched the Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon OVA (Fanservice ova)

- I wathced Beautiful Bones (sort of a mystery detective anime not a bad watch)

- I watched Kiniro Mosaic: Pretty Days hour special

- Also Nozoki Ana (Not that good besides guilty pleasure)

- The 2nd Season of My Wife is the Student Council President

- All the series in My Little Sister Can't be this Cute  

- There's also Shirobako (It's really an interesting story about what goes behind the scenes in producing an anime series)

- The Fruit of Grisaia and all realted anime

- Tsukihime

- Poco's Udon World (A sweet and lighthearted anime)

I'm currently halfway through Punchline and I'm planning on watching Spice and Wolf and Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan since I still want to watch some Japanese Mythology animes.