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angelsreviews Feb 14, 2016

Not going to lie, your name actually scared me a bit as it is the same name as a youtube reviewer I used to watch. He was a guy that I really liked his reviews... but I keep hearing now about how he snapped and killed his family. It was a long time ago though that it happened....

Damias Jul 17, 2014

What the hell man. You barely have any characters in your like and hate list for me to yell, I HATE U! 

You suck. 

WaveMasterJohn Dec 28, 2013

Hey! For some reason I stumbled upon your profile and decided to run through your Anime. Seems you're quite the Sci-fi/Action kinda guy. Well comparing our lists together I came across some that you have not yet noticed and thought I would make some recommendations for you.

1)Another-This one unfortunatly is not as popular as it should be. This one is one of the best in the horror genre in my view. 

2)Attack on Titan-Well this was a given. In fact I'm quite surprised you havent even marked this to watch or not. Would definitely recommend.

3)Btooom!- This one I am sure is right up your alley. A lot of Action and Blood tied with a semi-decent plot.

4)Time of Eve(Eve no Jikan)- This is more on the Sci-fi side of things honestly. Not to much action but an Excelent story.

5)The entire Code Geass series.-This series was fantastically executed in terms of plot and character. One of the best Action/Strategy Anime out there!

6)Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation - This is another perfect fit for you. A lot of action and bits of horror. A very good one to see.

7)Devil Survivor 2 The Animation-This was a horror/Sci-fi /action Anime that was quite good personally. 

8) D.Gray-man- Let me warn you first, this series is really addicting, and also has 103 episodes and it continues in the manga I might add.

9)Guilty Crown-get started on this one already man!

10)Jormungand: Perfect Order-This is the sequal to Jormungand which you rated quite high. It only gets better in the second season!

11)Kill La Kill-Just like Attack on Titan, how have you not heard of this one?? Well the only thing going for it is the action...

Well I made it to page 11 on your list before I got tired but this should get you going for a while. Again this is just an outline I didn't get a chance to go through your list thoroughly. Unfortunatly I cannot be much more help than this because our "taste" in Anime is slightly diffrent. I kinda go through everything depending on my mood. :P I did see how you were trying to branch out though! good job! (I.E Kaichou wa maid sama, Kimi Ni todoke) <- which are both amazing by the way!

12)Kuroko's Basketball-Just for the heck of it, why dont you give this Anime a shot? It is really addicting also and the second season is out now too!

These last three might throw you off a little but these are the best mystery Animes that I have seen.

1)Gosick-This, I would dare say might be my favorite Anime ever and I dont use those words lightly. I could go on for hours but you just need to watch it.

2)Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape-Another great example of typical situations with mysteries abound!

3)Kamisama no Memo-chou-A personal favorite again. This..well it is fun thats really all I can say.

                                          well till next time! -John

wesjim500 Sep 15, 2013

Mr Anime Jan 18, 2012

Well, Just watched it. And here was my thoughts for it.


I mean, I see what this story is trying to show. Two lovers drifting apart due to one of them siging up for war. Even after reading many reviews and other people thouhts about it, I'm still left with the "What?" still stuck in my head.

Sorry for spelling :(

i know you put that back like a year ago on Voices of a Distant Star but that's what i was saying What? What? is that all this has to give to me people saying it's so good well they don't know what a good movie is lol.