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Hello Everyone

My Actual Name Is Deema. I'm From Kuwait and a Working Girl (My Function in life)

 My Main Function in Life

Anime and Manga is something I find them to be a Wonderous and Stimulating Hobby for Everyone (Especially for those who still love Cartoons but are bored of Kiddy Cartoons). 

Generally, I'm trying my hands on a Variety of Animes and Manga. I enjoy an anime for the sake of Story, the Characters, Plots and Twists, the Humor, the Drama, the Heart Warmth and So on.

My Favorite Genres are:

School/Work Comedies

Cute and Moe

Shojo Ai/Yuri



I'm still giveing other Genres an Eqaul Chance.

I've watched a lot of Animes and I still got a lot more to go. But I already have a lot of Favorites. Some of them are:

Steins ; Gate 

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Monster Musume

Yuru Yuri



High School DxD

Koihime Musou

Zero no Tsukaima 

Baka and Test

I don't have Many Friends

One Piece

 chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Heaven's Lost Property

Kiniro Mosaic

Non Non Biyori


Rozen Maiden

To Love-Ru


School Rumble


Natsume's Book of Friends



Lately, I've also been picking up on Anime Style Games and Visual Novels. My Favorites so far are Atelier Araland Trilogy, Steins Gate, Danganronpa, Ace Attornney, The Fruit of Grisaia, Grisaia Phantom Trigger, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Senran Kagura, Nekopara and A Kiss for the Petals. 

Hope we can all Enjoy Ourselves Here. Hope we can all Get Along

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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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Silentbang Feb 2, 2019

Hello, Can i ask where you watched CMFU XUEYUAN: WANGZI PENG PENG QIU or also called prince of billiard. Because i have only found the first 4 episodes.

Villaj09 Oct 11, 2018

I will definitely have to read lol got any favorite horror anime?

Villaj09 Oct 6, 2018

Honestly that's what I wanna do. I thought it was good!

Martzl Sep 27, 2018

Wow sounds interesting and pretty intense. More intense than anything I've ever seen at least just by that brief description...

Thanks tho I'll remember it the next time I dont know what anime to watch next!

Villaj09 Sep 26, 2018

Oh nice awesome. How did you like deadman wonderland? I thought it was great but I wish they could have kept making episodes.