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Hello Everyone

My Actual Name Is Deema. I'm From Kuwait and a Working Girl (My Function in life)

 My Main Function in Life

Anime and Manga is something I find them to be a Wonderous and Stimulating Hobby for Everyone (Especially for those who still love Cartoons but are bored of Kiddy Cartoons). 

Generally, I'm trying my hands on a Variety of Animes and Manga. I enjoy an anime for the sake of Story, the Characters, Plots and Twists, the Humor, the Drama, the Heart Warmth and So on.

My Favorite Genres are:

School/Work Comedies

Cute and Moe

Shojo Ai/Yuri



I'm still giveing other Genres an Eqaul Chance.

I've watched a lot of Animes and I still got a lot more to go. But I already have a lot of Favorites. Some of them are:

Steins ; Gate 

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Monster Musume

Yuru Yuri



High School DxD

Koihime Musou

Zero no Tsukaima 

Baka and Test

I don't have Many Friends

One Piece

 chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Heaven's Lost Property

Kiniro Mosaic

Non Non Biyori


Rozen Maiden

To Love-Ru


School Rumble


Natsume's Book of Friends



Lately, I've also been picking up on Anime Style Games and Visual Novels. My Favorites so far are Atelier Araland Trilogy, Steins Gate, Danganronpa, Ace Attornney, The Fruit of Grisaia, Grisaia Phantom Trigger, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Senran Kagura, Nekopara and A Kiss for the Petals. 

Hope we can all Enjoy Ourselves Here. Hope we can all Get Along

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Ilovemenarcissistic Jul 1, 2023

I'll try out these other animes, I have heard of them before cuz there super popular, and thankyou for suggesting that I should not read the manga because I was planning on it, to see what happens next, but yk I think ur right I'll just add more characters to my hatelist lol!! 

RickGrimes Jul 25, 2022

"I haven't binged as much anime as I used to compared to 2016 -2018 since I've shifted to gaming and IRL stuff is more frequent for me. On that note I've binged 3 seasons of Kaguya-same and Bastard!! OVAs and Series just this week XD"

I started a manga series after years. I have finished 1 volume now! Its called the fable and i love it! I dont think I'll watch anime anytime soon. Also all I know about Kaguya sama is the cutsey dance at the end op lol. I dont think I''d enjoy the anime tho because I can never enjoy SOL for whatever reason :_(

"we have all main stuff like FB, Insta, YT, TikTok, Netflix etc we just can't make content speaking out against the government. "

Actually that sounds A LOT like India without the extra steps lol. The current regime abuses law to shut people up here even though people have the right to speak out

"well a casual marriage interview technically. We met each other through a third person who knew both of us personally. We chose each other and both parents agreed since they liked the other. Sadly here, men and women still don't know how to treat each other. Imagine the worst case scenario of being seperated from the opposite sex until you're +18 for work, college or marriage. It's funny yet sad to watch. I'm just glad my husband and I were level headed adults by the time we met. I hope your parents at least will let you choose your partner."

Someday I'll have a cute girlfriend. Someday. Right now tho i have no luck. But oh well, life goes on

"Some physicals I got only cost me 20 to 40 dollors and I've got 2 collectors that cost me 150 to 200 T.T . For my wallets sake I'd have to resort to digital or emulation. I agree with you on the OT AA on steam visually sucks I wish they kept the pixel design from the DS but at least I got to play that dlc case that never made it to the first DS AA game. Newer ones are a mix bag for me but nothing beats the OT. My little Brother has the physical DS games including Ace Attorney Investigations but won't let me have them. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 I hear is good but you've got to emulate that with a fan translation."

Ive only played the mainline first 3 games. I tried playing Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice but the 3D style was so off putting. Have you watched the anime series? I hear its only fun if youve played the game. I like Ace Attorney so I think I will like the anime.

"The Switch I half payed with my husband. Price for the old model dropped a bit compared to the Switch lite and OLED but you'd still need to put money on the side if you're buying it on your own and a Nintendo title would cost you around 60 dollars. Personally, with the switch is the most time I spend on gaming aside from Steam not because of Nintendo games but mostly Indie and anime games. I guess It's due to personal preferences. RPG mechanics I don't mind if it's not too on the technical side. Last game I played that wasn't too RPG for my taste was Ni No Kuni 2 (I liked recruiting citezens for my kingdom)."

I really wanted to get the switch. But I crunched the numbers. Nintendo has no official presence in India. The console is like 25% more expensive here because people who sell it here have imported it. That also means the games are all also 25%ish more expensive. Plus Nintendo games(the ones I want to play) NEVER drop in price. It just didnt make sense to splurge on it.

For reference Nintendo Switch Lite costs the same here as Nintendo Switch standard. 

"I like Spy X Family manga and the anime I'd say is a better way to experience the story. I'm not crazy about Spy X Family and I'm especially not that crazy about Anya like everyone else. I like her comedic role in the series but that's about it for me. Honestly I even automically skip any TikTok videos about Anya. I'm happy for the anime's massive success for Wit Studio's sake since they have gained a new big crowd pleaser after losing Attack on Titan to Mappa."

I didnt like the manga because it was so run of the mil. Just plain nothing special. And I think the anime version of it will be more nice. The animation should made the bland(imo pls dont get angry ehehe) story more tolerable. Plus its Studio WIT. I definitely think they get their animators from god himself. Its always a pleasure to watch their shows. And any clue why Wit lost AOT? They did a great job with AOT(from what I've seen at least)

"Man, Pulp Fiction was great. What do you recommend I watch next that offers the same?"

If you like Pulp Fiction, other Tarantino Movies are just as great. Personally really like Django Unchained and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But they are very American history centric. If you dont enjoy that ig you could try Resovoir Dogs. Its his first work so its a bit rough around the edges but again its greeeat

I also recently watched Cha Cha Real Smooth. Its nothing like the above mentioned movies but its seriously very very good. Breath of fresh air kind.

"I'd love to, but tickets and hotel is not cheap XP"

You can stuff me in your bag, no one has to know

Bloom19 Jul 11, 2022

But still clichés are just the best (sometimes haha)

I love Hay Day in the 10 years I have played I do have had some long pauses because of exams or other interests and so on. I actually just resently started playing again because I coulnd't come in because of some problems but now all is good XD

- Oh yeah I always forget that but ofcourse Otome games. It actually looks so much like Diabolik Lovers haha that is also an anime based on an Otome game (OZMAFIA)

- That sounds so cool! (Chicory)

- Oh yeah so it wasn't just me that thought that hahaha (Little Witch in the Woods)

- Oh my goodness I haven't had time these days but I have to check it out (Nekojishi)

- Nice (Chess of Blades) 

- Uh okay (Unpacking)

- Okay good to know (Townscaper)

- Oh waow that sounds so awesome! (Spiritfarer)

- Yes yes very good hihihi (My Vow to my Liege)

I really hope so too thank you again I am going to try Nekojishi first hihihi ;D

Oh okay interesting

I think one of the reasons why I don't play PS games is because of the PS controller it is difficult for me but I had played a lot of car games on PS2

Bloom19 Jul 5, 2022

My friend had the game Stardew Valley but I just like Hay Day I have played it almost 10 years now haha

I will check out  OZMAFIA though now that you mentioned it I have played a lot of those dating games hahaha but I always ended up getting killed or it just took to long...

Uhhh that looks like a cute game (Chicory)

Yaeh this actually looks like somthing I would play!!!! (Little Witch in the Woods )

OMG what is this!!!!!!!!!! I am already in love (Nekojishi)

Holy smockes is this a BL game!!!! (Chess of Blades)

uhhh cuteness (Unpacking)

Hmmmm don't know about this one (Townscaper)

Waow the art is really pretty but don't know what is about from the picture (Spiritfarer )

Yasssss a BL game? No a crossdressing game! Love it (My Vow to my Liege)

I will check out some of these!!! >w< 

Oh waow that is so sweet of you to check out what I dislike! <3

Thank you!

I just remembered all the games I have played in my life and man I have played a lot!

Hay Day, Rise of Berk, Plants vs Zombies, RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, Insaniquarium, Candy Crush,
Mahjong, The Othello,  Tricky Test, Gardenscapes, Homescapes, Sudoku, Pac-Man, Brick Breaker Arcade, Hill Climb Racing,
Subway Surfers, Shall We Date? Wizardess Heart, Bratz Babyz Fish Tank, Bartender the Right Mix, Y8, Dumb Ways to Die,
Temple Run, Pou, Geometry Dash, Jetpack Joyride, Tetris, My New Room, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Wheres My Water,
Mario Kart, Super Mario (Bros.) Nintendo + Wii and Buzz! + Junior: Jungle Party / Monster Rumble / Dino Den!

RickGrimes Jul 2, 2022

"I know what you mean. I never would have imagined I'd have a weeb awakening +6 years ago and on AP daily XD"

I thought I'd have like 300-400 more anime in my watched by now. I have watched like 7-8 anime series in 3 years. Talk about being slow af.

"I don't mind your question. I didn't put it on my AP profile since I feel it's unnecessary bragging and nobody here is interested in my private life. I only mention it on apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because that's where guys would harass me thinking I'm single."

From what I have heard, that does not stop creeps lmao. In fact i've heard experiences of it just attracting different kind of creeps. Must be hard being a girl ahaha. Also arent you from a middle east country? Please dont kill me but I've heard those countries are very regressive in womens rights. You can have insta accounts and stuff there?

"I actually met and married my husband late in year the after I turned 25 which is my ideal not too young or old marriage age. But that really depends on the person not the number i.e my husband was 29 at the time. Don't blame you if you're not into marriage right now. When I was 21, I was trying to get a job, figuring out myself, living the life as an adult out of school, etc and marriage was the least of my interest. At 23 I met candidates for marriage to get used to communicating with men and study what I want in a husband and my husband did the same at 27. By the time we met each other it was the right place, right time, both mentally mature and had compatible interests and values and here we are. My advice is don't think about marriage now especially when you just got out of school. Prioritize yourself for your job, interests, passion, self growth and learning how to socialize is a must. Take it from an introvert."

So arranged marriage? Tbh my parents will force me to get arrange marriaged too. Love marraiges are really looked down upon here. IDEK WHY. When I was a kid getting too close as frineds with a girl was a no no too. I was kid, what were they even thinking. 

I am prioritizing my career for now. I hope it all pans out really. Got a lot(my life) riding on it :P

"I don't blame you, I'm way too deep into games myself be it the game or the history surrounding it. You're probably right since I'm new to emulation and I only emulated one 3DS game so far and I guess nobody cared about that game enough to decrypt it. But hey at least this tech dum dum learned a new trick. I saw what you did xD. I still have my 3DS and I'm the type to collect as much physical copies I can and would only emulate if I can't find or afford the game XP. The first Ace Attorrney trilogy I adore during the ds days and actually bought it on steam. Kirby Star Allies I enjoyed but I so far I love Forgotten Land more though I'm an action adventure person so maybe personal bias. currently I'm buying Fire Emblem Fates even though I suck at tactical rpgs. I don't know what I was thinking"

Dude you must be seriously rich to afford physical copies. Game collecting is a thing I'd love to get into but damn it is expensive as hell and I'd be on the streets before I'd even have a dozen retro games to my name. ALSO ACE ATTORNEY ROCKS RIGHT! I emulated it on my phone a year or so ago and I loved it so much. I'm not a fan of newer games and dont like so many new characters being added to it. Theres also new remaster of the original tirology on steam but the art work sucks so bad. The blocky sprite like artwork on DS looked so full of character. The remaster makes it look like they have been ran through 20 instagram skin smoothening filters.

I want to play forgotten lands too but Switch is so expensive here. Add to that, Switch games are even more expensive. Investing in a switch is not a good decision :( I love action adventure. Espicially if it has RPG like elements, but not too heavy on RPG(Like FarCry3 which has a perfect balance)

"Mostly current season animes like Spy x Family, Tomodachi Game, Shield Hero S2, Birdie Wing, Summer Time Rendering, Aharen, Shikimori, My senpai is annoying, Komi S2 and Love after World Domination. One old Anime: The Mysterious cities of Gold and random shows/movies I've binged: What we do in the Shadows, Sweet Tooth, Pulp Fiction and The Fifth Element. "

I read a 2 dozen or so Spy X Family chapters but I didnt realllllly like it all too much. Felt bland. I'm not sure if I'd like the anime too. As for others you have mentioned, I havent even heard of their name :D I am really out of touch these days.

ALSO PULP FICTION! Its awesome right! Absolutely love it.

"This Weekend I'm going to Dubai and next month Singaphore and Indonesia."

I wanna go to Singapore too. Take me with you? I dont mind third wheeling and I'll stay out of your way

"On my last year of college I've worked the hardest. My motivation was: it's my last year I really want to get out and I could not risk dropping my GPA otherwise I'd stay an extra semester XP. Congradulations on graduating and lots of luck and power to you on your MBA."

Thank youuuu~ Gonna try my hardest and hope I will pass the finish line.