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Sigh... You see those isekai stories with promising premises ? This is one of them. MC got isekai'd once and then betrayed by the King and re-sent to his world after defeating the monsters or something. He was sent into another baby's body. Isn't it interesting? Well no because the author completely skip that part up to the day he was re-summoned again. He lived all his life low key while still having his magic powers and even let himself gets bullied. I'm sure you can already see the type of character we have.

Now a bit of spoiler. 

MC's whole class gets forcefully summoned as usual and turns out it's in the same Kingdom MC was previously. You expect to see a good revenge story but nope, author has a fantasy to fulfill. Nevermind whatever the king did previously or the fact that his whole class got summoned because there happens to be a war. A war started because the king sent him back and the beast people who were his friends are angry. Sorry? You say removing the king can stop this foolish war? Of course not, the mc can't do that. I mean who cares about a king who betrays the hero. So he just show himself to everyone he knew and tada, mc is cool again. Every female he knows has a crush on him and he is OP af. What else were you expecting?

As if the war nonsense wasn't enough now you have a hardcore yandere dude who wants to kill all the MC's friends because he wants to keep him for himself. This is the type of "villain" we're dealing with here. And that's basically the story. Oh did I mention that for some stupid reasons MC can't kill people? Yep.

Of course the author knows that his story is bs so he will use the oldest tricks in the book to keep people hooked. You have a little bit of lewdness here, a little bit of sad backstory there, all of that sprinkled with some light humor and there you have this mediocre masterpiece.

2/10 story
4/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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