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Nano Machine

Jan 8, 2022

After reading close to 100 chapters, I think I can give an overall review of this manwha. To make it short, it's really good.

For the long part, let's start with the art. Since I've started reading manwha, I almost never gave a bad score for art. They really do take it up to another level compared to their Chinese counterpart. I don't know what they are doing but they do it great. The fight scenes are well drawn and the color tone match perfectly the theme. It's a bit dark, sometimes gritty with a little bit of light here and there.

The plot is quite interesting. I've been a sucker for stories with MCs who have some sort of AI that helps them get stronger for a while now. But I never read one with such an AI like the one in this story. Usually they just give MC tasks to accomplish and he gets points who then gives him the possibility of improving himself or getting special items/weapons. This one is like a mini very advanced computer built in his body. I found it a bit too Deus ex Machina at first but you quickly get used to it. My only pet peeve is that it does some things that totally defy any logic, even in that "magical" world. His goal of getting revenge is still on track and you can slowly follow him as he grows stronger. The world building is truly well done.

For the characters, I'll say it's like with the art. You can almost never go wrong with manwha. They tend to have more mature themes ans characters. And it's exactly the case here. Aside from a couple street villains type characters, most of them were pretty decent. The MC himself is smart but not to the point of being a god which is a good flaw because he's only a teen. So we get to see him make mistakes and learn from them.

I'll say this is a very good read with a great story, art and characters. A must read !

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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