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Cultivation in Murim

Best cultivation manwha out there.

Cute Maids

This list will includes all the cute maids I see in everything ranging from anime, manga, manwha and manhua to even novels if their characters are available. Maids rule the world ! Also if the MC is a maid or works as maid...

Introduction to Cultivation I

Embark on a fantastical journey through the timeless realm of cultivators! Brace yourselves, dear daoists, as we delve into an extraordinary world of celestial arts and spiritual awakening. With a finely curated list of manhua...

Reincarnation + Weak to Strong + World Domination

This list will only be reincarnation or Isekai stories where MC has advanced knowledge that lets them overcome problems as they arise. It will have the particularity of only having stories where MC actually build something. From...