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Jul 2, 2016

Tuan Kirie

(Tuan Kirie)

How can one feel alive without knowing the pain of living? Does disease and suffering create our consciousness and our sense of humanity?

Harmony creates a world in which human ingenuity has eradicated illness through the use of medicules, a clever injection of molecules that police our bodies and report our health to world authorities.

With tailored diets, expert fitness routines, and regular psychological assessments, all of humankind have traded an individual-driven existence in order to live healthy, well-balanced lives.

Declining population rates in the aftermath of nuclear fallout have made the human body the world's most precious commodity. The health and continuation of our species outweighs the selfishness of the individual, and yet, suicide rates among those born into this system are on the rise each year.

Three girls come of age in this world, led by one of them, Miach Mihie, a charismatic and overthinker human being, who brings cynicism seeds around her and in the way of the two others who are intrigued by her. Each girl must decide whether to abide by the self-sacrifice of harmony or to rebel against the insulated lives the world expects them to live.

Philosophically, Harmony is the window dressing for a discussion about the nature and purpose of the human soul. It postulates that not only is the ego unnecessary, it is also a hindrance for human evolution. The strife and confusion in society—as well as that within our own hearts—is due to consciousness itself. Only in a world without “I” could there ever be true harmony.

Project Itoh delivers an astounding science fiction work that walks a fine line between utopian ideals and dystopian disillusionment, and provides ample brain candy.

(Miach Mihie)


[Story part : 8/10]

-Pacing is badly driven because of the lenght difference between the novel and the anime adaptation. (0.5/2)

-A solid plot without hole. handled with intelligence and rigour. (1.5/2)

-Extremely deep. It's essential to think a lot to understand. A true "SEINEN" (2/2)

-Regarding Plausibility, it was one of the most relevant and believable perspective of mankind's future I've seen. (2/2)

-An interesting and coherent conclusion in regard to the premise and the foreshadowed spiritual and philosophic issue. But there was an awkwardness in the staging. And it was a little bit rushed. (0.5/1)

-Very good premise. (1/1)

[Animation part : 8.5/10]

-Very high production value. Impressive. (2/2)

-Beautiful visual effects. (2/2)

-A pretty good character design overall, but a bit generic (except for Miach). (1.5/2)

-A contestable staging. There was a half-failed intent to show us several things. (1/2)

-Very detailed background (2/2)

[Sound part : 7.5/10]

-High quality sound effects. (2.5/3)

-A discreet OST, but proper with the atmosphere and the universe. (2/3)

-Efficient voice acting. (2/3)

-Good BGM, atmosphere is totally immersive. (1/1)

[Characters part : 7.5/10]

-About characters presence, there is a huge focus on the protagonist, Tuan Kirie... and that does sound not so bad. Because she's the only interesting character beside Miach Mihie. (1/2)

-Catharsis is symbolically the key word in this show. (2/2)

-Character development is here, but overblown by the rest, especially by the story. (1/2)

-Characters personality : Interesting, rationally cynical, original (only for Miach Mihie concerning this last word)... (1.5/2)

-A gargantuan (Gargan...Tuan...) backdrop, as far as the eye can see. (2/2)

[Miscellaneous part ( doesn't count in the notation ) : 8.5/10]

-An analytical replay is appropriate. (3/3)

-Ending theme is particulary memorable. (1/1)

-Well on, it was an enjoyment. (4.5/6)

OVERALL : 7.5/10
Class : SS mid-tier, almost (or maybe?) high-tier.

7.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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