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Jun 28, 2016

That's a nice try for Trigger. They showed they are talented enough to build an emotional story with a psychological value and without excess of cliché, even if there is a little of that. A promising premise based upon a collective sharing of pain between 6 characters, because of a mysterious experiment which linked them. Well on, the 6 ones were not chosen at random, and their differences is a prerequisite for the sake of the experience. The show turns around an understanding of other one to move forward. Over time, their ordeal becomes more complex. At the beginning, they underwent only physical wounds, but afterward, we shall come to heart pain and to the detection of certain feelings, activated by events and revelations.

Notation :

[Story part : 6/10]

-Pacing is correct. (1/2)

-A well-driven plot for a 12 episodes show. (1/2)

-Light complexity. There is nothing really difficult to understand, it lacks of depth. (0.5/2)

-Regarding Plausibility, it's an interesting perspective for a governmental experiment. (1.5/2)

-A decent conclusion if S2 is planned. Bad if not. (1/2)

.Bonus : Very good premise. +1

[Animation part : 7/10]

-Very good production value. (1.5/2)

-Good visual effects. (1/2)

-A particulary good character design overall (Special mention to Nori, Katsuhira and Hisomu). (1.5/2)

-Well-done staging, better than I thought. (2/2)

-Very beautiful backgrounds, sometimes. (1/2)

[Sound part : 6/10]

-High quality sound effects. (2/3)

-Concerning the soundtrack, it's forgettable but it deserves to be listened again to be sure. (1.5/3)

-Good voice acting. (2/3)

-BGM is okay, but no immersion. (0.5/1)

[Characters part : 5.5/10]

-Characters presence is well-managed. (1.5/2)

-A high presence of a collective catharsis. (1.5/2)

-Character development is here as expected. (1/2)

-About characters personality, there are two names to keep ni mind : Noriko Sonozaki and Katsuhira Agata. They are interesting. The others are cliche and empty. (1/2)

-Backdrop is overblown.... (0.5/2)

[Miscellaneous part ( doesn't count in the notation ) : 6/10]

.Rewatchability questionable. (1/3)

.Memorable OP and ED. (1/1)

.It was an enjoyment to watch (4/6)

OVERALL : 6/10.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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