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The Lost Village

Jun 26, 2016

And so Mayoiga made History. An unforgettable plot which leads us in a world populated with characters not possesing either true purpose or substance and where "coherence" is banished. Everything is overblown and badly written. The intent of Diomedea (the studio) was to build a mysterious and immersive story based upon social trauma taking shape of an illusion, a very good premise. But it only goes into a non-assumed comedy, ironically worth watching because of that... medley of cliffhangers. Another anime with a huge lack of maturity which appropriates itself the demography "seinen" while it does not respect the codes

There is no more thing to say.

Notation :

-Story part : 0.5/10

."Pacing" means nothing in this show. Incredible. (0/2)

.A plot without substance. I call this "blank hole". (0/2)

.False complexity, there is no depth. (0/2)

.Regarding Plausibility, I would be able to give -1 here. (0/2)

.A pointless conclusion to a pointless story. (0/2)

.Bonus : Good premise. (0.5/2)

-Animation part : 3.5/10

.Decent production value. Low budget. (1/2)

.Decent visual effects. (1/2)

.A pretty good character design overall (Special mention to Lion and Jack). (1/2)

.Awkward staging because of the omnipotent non-sense. (0/2)

.Uggly background, lack of details. (0.5/2)

-Sound part : 6/10

.High quality sound effects. (2/3)

.Concerning the soundtrack, it's forgettable. (1/3)

.Good voice acting. (2/3)

.Good BGM, atmosphere is almost immersive. (1/1)

-Characters part : 0.5/10

.The switch of character point of view is badly thought. (0/2)

.A mere presence of a collective catharsis (about "fear"), but pointless. (0.5/2)

.Character development is an abstract notion in this show. (0/2)

.Characters personality : Cliche, irrationnal and overblown. (0/2)

.Is there any backdrop here? Yes,Probably in a bucket... (0/2)

-Miscellaneous part ( doesn't count in the notation ) : 1/10

.Best Rewatchability ever. (0/3)

.Disappointing OP and ED. (0/1)

.Enjoyment is almost here !! It'll stay in my memories !!! I give 1 point !!! (1/6)

 OVERALL : 2.5/10

                                                             Wasted potential 

Wasted potential




0.5/10 story
3.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
2.5/10 overall

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