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Hi there and welcome to my profile 

I love anime it has a very special part in my life ♡

Hope you enjoy your stay here and have a good day 

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LinkThroughTime Aug 17, 2020

I love slice of life with romance, its my fav genre. Well you don't have to watch it if you don't wanna but I recommand it, I can't seem to find any other anime that comapres after watching clannad and the after story though some have come close. 10 years is a long time, I think I have been watching anime since like I was 10 so a good 18 years.. wow XD

Do you have any anime you think I will like? ^_^

mido9 Aug 12, 2020

Hi hi ♡♡

sorry for the late replay ^^"

Yes sure is "Slam dunk" one of the best sports anime ^^

me too I just start watching it and so far is good though I didn't expect there will be romance kinda comedy thing XD cuz when I was little I have a different image of Sakuragi I remembered him as a serious and determined character for the romance no XD but the thing is I don't remember Rukawa at all I guess my taste changed a lot since then lol 

Oh yes same to be honest in the past I was not so fond of sports anime but when I watched "Haikyuu" it changed my mind after that I considered watching more sports anime ^^

Yes, I'm planning to watch both "Diamond no Ace" and "One outs!" but I have questions they will be my first baseball anime ever so do I have to know the rules for the sport or the anime will explain it to me?

 Yes, I did enjoy my stay there and I visited the Pyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, Al-Azhar Park and other places that what I recall now ^^

hmm this is a hard question I don't have a genre to be my favorite this is so hard to choose lol but I will try ヽ(^◇^*)/

My favorites anime shows ♡♡ :

For anime movies ♡♡ : 

wahh I didn't realize until I finished it turned out to be a pretty long list lol so what about you what's your favorite animes? well I'm not satisfied unless you gave a list as same long as mine XD 

hope you're having a good evening  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

LinkThroughTime Aug 12, 2020

Sorry about the late reply, I know how you feel! I see other peoples Bio and I'm like..... : o

I always wanna edit mine and make it better but I don't think its very good xD

I think quite a few peoples are into romance anime but they don't admit it, Its my fav genre of anime.

I like the ones you mentioned and I agree you should watch all of clannad and the after story with it, its a roller coaster with emotion T-T

Though I must admit the animation is a little dated but otherwise its pretty good!

I'll check out some you mentioned ^_^

LinkThroughTime Aug 8, 2020

Heyy, thanks for the follow back :)

I like your bio as well, some awesome anime.

kimi ni todoke is one of my favs!!

What's yours? ^_^

mido9 Aug 8, 2020

Hi ^^

No thanks for following me back ♡♡

Oh my you're the first person to recognize Rukawa XD

I'm glad you're a fan of "Slam dunk" too and it was my childhood anime so I'm rewatching now with sub but you could tell it's a first watch I don't remember that much XD

Oh, you're from Egypt how nice ~ I visited Egypt twice and Cairo to be exact ^^

hope you're having a great day\night ^^