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Jul 22, 2021

this is entirely my opinion and you may disagree if you want. but i don't want to hear it since my opinion will dewfinetly sway your way and i'd like to enjoy the fun while it stil lasts.

some notes n shit:

man was i surprised when watching this anime. i thought it was going to be disappointing but it turned out to be a top tier anime, in my opinion. Although my opinion is slightly swayed from when I finished it, I still feel the same way. It's been such a long time since I've watched something like this. I even had a good sleep half way through the show.


This anime is about a teenage boy, miyamura, who always looks lonely and gloomy in class but is actually a different and normal person outside of school. one day he finds a little boy who was slightly injured (?) and took him back home. turns out the little boy's sister is a popular girl from his class. The girl, hori, doesn't recognize miyamuras face because of his piercings and his hair is different. Then the two of them become friends after knowing secrets (?). i don't remember what hori's secret was but it wasn't as different and surprising as miyamura's. They eventually form a relationship but the anime is mostly jokes and laughs. Sometimes when it gets a bit serious they break it with a joke or a skit or something. for me i thought it wasn't too bad, in fact i found it funny. but others thought it was ruining the mood. the comedy definitely shouldn't be slept on but it's not nichijou level comedy. The story is much shorter than the manga so it explains why it feels a bit short and rushed. But its still good for an anime.


Nothing too special but the visuals can sometimes look nice. especially the opening but i'll talk about it later.


Both the opening and ending are great but the opening is much better in terms of visuals and, in my opinion, music. It's not everyday you see a beautiful opening like this. At first I didn't pay much attention to the opening but after hearing it a few times i absolutely enjoyed it. I dont see many people talk about it and I can't even find the original on youtube.


At first I thought they were all well written characters but I later realized that some of them were either completely useless or lacked character traits. A couple of characters I can think of are hori and honoka. Honestly, I was surprised when a shit ton of people did not like hori and her actions and I don't know what they're talking about. some people were annoyed that she would be a bit violent sometimes but doesn't that always happen in anime? violence can also be pretty funny. unless you're a snowflake of course. but one thing i can somewhat agree with is hori's character traits, which seem to be nothing. or maybe im blind. i can't think of anything other than being cute but i also think its fine if a character doesn't have a trait. I guess you can think of her as an average human. But honoka. what was honoka for? She's completely useless in the story and forgettable. But other than that all the characters were all so damn funny and the conversations they had were natural.

miyamura's character development is huge. starting from a lonely, gloomy teenager to a more social person who has many friends and a girlfriend. but near the end they show us how life would have been if miyamura and hori didn't meet, if miyamura hadn't found souta. a very boring life. These little coincidences made up the life he's having now. It's depressing seeing the missed opportunity of a happy life. After graduation, miyamura has a conversation with his past selves and maybe his alternate self where he didn't meet hori. The past self says "I'll disappear for you". Something tells me this has a meaning to it but I can't think of anything. It just sticks out to me because I have these thoughts a lot, though, it's the complete opposite. "sorry past me, your future is nothing but disappointment".

The character design is also really good. its not really the anime's doing but they do look much better than the manga. cloverworks really did a great job


Overall, this anime was a fun one to watch and I highly recommend it. Though, it is lacking a bit so reading the manga sometime.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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