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Hello, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, you wanted more than that?

Ugh, okay fine. I guess I can come up with something...

I'm just a guy who likes geeky things like anime and D&D, and nerdy things like programming and writing, and is too boring to have a whole lot to say about himself...

Maybe I'll come up with more eventually.

Oh, I also created and run this cool thing on the forum called the Anime Bingo Challenge. It's not like I want you to check it out or anything... b-baka!


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Top Seasonal Picks

Just my thoughts on what anime I enjoyed most each season, for most of the time I've been watching seasonally. Pretty free-form list, so maybe I'll have more than one sometimes, or add an honorable mention for something that doesn't quite stack up but that I think still deserves a mention.

Wow, I've been doing this for that long? And some of these shows were that long ago???

Winter 2016 - Erased, Assassination Classroom S2, KonoSuba
Spring 2016 - Re:ZERO, Space Patrol Luluco
Summer 2016 - A Silent Voice, Mob Psycho 100, Honorable Mention: New Game!
Fall 2016 - Drifters
  2016 Anime of the Year - A Silent Voice

Winter 2017 - Little Witch Academia, Honorable Mentions: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Youjo Senki
Spring 2017 - My Hero Academia 2, Honorable Mention: Re:Creators
Summer 2017 - Made in Abyss, Honorable Mention: Princess Principal
Fall 2017 - Land of the Lustrous, Honorable Mention: Inuyashiki
  2017 Anime of the Year - Land of the Lustrous, Honorable Mention: Made in Abyss

Winter 2018
- A Place Further Than the Universe, Killing Bites
Spring 2018 - Hinamatsuri, My Hero Academia 3, Honorable Mentions: Golden Kamuy, Megalo Box
Summer 2018 - Planet With
Fall 2018 - Thunderbolt Fantasy 2. Honorable Mention: Golden Kamuy 2, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
  2018 Anime of the Year - Hinamatsuri, Thunderbolt Fantasy 2

Winter 2019 - The Promised Neverland, Mob Psycho 100 2, Dororo
Spring 2019 - Sarazanmai, Honorable Mention: Carole & Tuesday
Summer 2019 - Vinland Saga
Fall 2019 - Beastars, Vinland Saga, Honorable Mention: Hi Score Girl 2
  2019 Anime of the Year - Beastars, Vinland Saga

Winter 2020 - Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, Dorohedoro
Spring 2020 - Kakushigoto
Summer 2020 (Most Anticipated) - Re:Zero 2

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MistLiigh Jul 31, 2019

Oh, oh people post things here... sorry everyone, I literally had no idea people were saying things here until now, since there weren't notifications until now...

And after googling what Zina Void means... yes, I am, but only because she's in the OP and ED but still not the show this far in and that actually really annoys me O-o

MuLaFlaga Jul 31, 2019

Someone is waiting impatiently for Zina Void to show up! :P

angeldust32145 Apr 30, 2019

u wanna be friends?

PreciousEgg Mar 21, 2019


Fluffs Mar 3, 2019

Why did I think you were like 16?