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I really really wanted to like this series. The premise is great, the whole "unlikable guy becomes loved by many in a wholesome way" is something that should be pretty easy to pull off, but some how this series made each and every character with "personality" completely insufferable

The plot seems rushed and has very few encounters outside the party. The fanservice is light, but when its there, its drawn out. All the women suffer from UFCS (Useless Female Character Syndrome) and the male lead isn't that much better. 

Will I read this to completion? Yes. Will I change/add to my review once completed? Probably. 

For now all I can honestly say is that I'm deeply disappointed 


The romantic interest? Garbage. So basic, with no personality other than being useless and a cheap yandere with forced feelings and no moral compass  besides "oh! Mr main character! I'm soooo pitiable~"

Her sister? Also useless. She has 0 smarts, is a siscon, and is some how supposed to second in command of the strongest knight group. (Also not the lovable himbo stupid. The irritating actively hurting and endangering those close to her without a care in the world stupid) She isn't even the strongest character. No common sense, especially for someone actually from this world.

The f*cking maid. Probably the least irritating female character, but thats only because her defining trait (loyalty to her miss) isn't always one note. A two faced girl who shows a good side in front of her lady and other nobles, and believes everyone is inferior otherwise (even if her lady tells her the opposite) she eventually drops the perfection act, which is why I found her ever so slightly more tolerable

The rival character. Cocky outside his means, a complete asshole, and perverted. Sometimes we like pervy characters. Some times they make me want to burn the book im reading. He has no consistency other than consistently being a pain to the mc and his companions. He seems mysterious but its not a drawn out sort of mystery, he poses questions that are immediately answered after a couple pages, while still trying to keep the "unknown variable" character type in the traveling group

Lastly the main character. His defining trait is that he looks scarey which makes people scared of him. His face isn't all that scarey. Angry eyes and sharp teeth. He's loving, misunderstood, disrespectful to authority, and some how has better street smarts than all 3 of the women originally from this world combined. He mainly has to act as the default mature one of the group as everyone else in the party doesn't seem to understand their actions have consequences.

5/10 story
6/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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