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Noragami Aragoto

Mar 4, 2016

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Noragami Aragoto is similar to Noragami in many ways such as it continues to follow the adventures of Yato, Yukine and Hiyori and that it is made of two arcs.

The first arc concentrates on Bishamon and her difficult history with Yato. We learn that despite being a fierce God of War, she's also kind as she always rescues a lot of spirits and makes them her regalia. Even if they're damaged.

This unfortunately caused a lot of resentment and so some regalia became corrupted making Bishamon sick. One regalia in particular, her respected healer, resented this so much that he worked with Nora to bring about Bishamon's reincarnation so that he could control her. In order to make his plan succeed, he kidnapped Hiyori, causing Yato to see red and attack Bishamon as he assumed she kidnapped her out of hatred for him. The healer was hoping that Yato would be able to defeat Bishamon in her weakened state.

During their intense fight, we learn the truth about what happened all those years agao with her first clan of regalia. Apparently her large number of regalia became corrupted and they turned into a huge phantom that almost killed her. In her weakened state Bishamon could do nothing but watch as Yato destroyed the phantom, thus killing her regalia. What she didn't know until now though was that Kazuma - her trusted Blessed Vessel and the only surviving original regalia - actually begged Yato to kill them in order to save her.

Learning the truth, Bishamon released the healer and killed her corrupted regalia herself. This arc really developed her character to the point that I actually quite like her now. And learning the truth also gave me more respect for Yato because he put up with her unjustified hatred for centuries without saying a word!

The second arc consisted of Yato trying to make life changes but suffering at the hands of Nora.

During possibly one of the most emotional and intense scenes from the entire anime, Yukine became Yato's first ever Blessed Vessel. Since then, Yukine has been trying to improve himself and grow as a regalia. Especially since he learned that he is also Yato's Exemplar. Hiyori also made Yato a shrine, moving him to tears. Both these things, plus Yato now having a permanent place in the heavens, made him meet up with Nora to release her.

However she attacked him and brought him to his father. I don't know anything about him as it was never explained but basically she kept him away from Yukine and Hiyori. Forcing him to be the God he doesn't want to be anymore. She kept him away for over a month and it was heartbreaking seeing him worry about Hiyori forgetting him.

In the end, she said she'd let him go if he rescued someone from the Underworld. He went just so he could return to Hiyori when it was over. Unfortunately it wasn't that simple. He was to rescue the God Ebisu because he was done there trying to get a brush from Izanami that would enable him to control and use phantoms for good.

Whilst Yato was away, Hiyori did forget him. And it was heartbreaking to watch because she was so distraught by it! Plus she felt so much guilt after being kissed by another boy too. Thankfully she ran into Yukine who managed to return all her memories. Yukine was also changed by Yato's absense. Before he would have been difficult about it but now he's matured. He taught himself to be stronger both physically and emotionally and less insecure when it came to Nora. It was beautiful to watch his character develop.

In the end, Yato was able to rescue Ebisu but got trapped himself. Not even Bishamon could defeat Izanami and rescue him. In the end, it was Hiyori. She managed to soul call both of them out of the Underworld but I have no idea how she knew his real name. Watching him give up, believing he was alone done there forever was incredibly heartbreaking. But it made his rescue that more emotional and amazing. It was so touching! And God I so badly wanted them to kiss in that moment but alas, they didn't.

The entire experience of Yato being away changed all three of them. Hiyori became less arrogant and complacent, Yukine became more mature and stronger and Yato changed his purpose in life. He doesn't want to do things others make him do anymore and he doesn't want to kill anyone anymore either. And to prove his commitment to this and to Yukine, he released Nora. Something I know meant so much to Yukine.

I would have liked more cutesy moments between Hiyori and Yato during the final episodes but there's hoping they'll be together in season three. They gotta get together right? And there's gotta be a season three!

In terms of the ending, I cannot believe the twist with that boy who kissed Hiyori. It just led to more unanswered questions. Like, why is Yato's father pretending to be a schoolboy? Why would he kiss Hiyori? What's the deal with Yato's father in general? How does Yato even have a father? Do the other Gods have parents?

Oh and I know she was mean and awful but I actually genuinely felt sorry for Izanami being all alone in the Underworld. She was just lonely. But I did think it was such a coincidence that the voice actor who does Yato and Hei from Darker Than Black encountered Izanami twice in seperate animes!

My favourite moments included Yukine jumping in front of Yato to protect him - sacrificing himself but then transforming into a Blessed Vessel, Yato thanking Yukine - telling him that he's the only regalia who has ever transformed for him, Hiyori saying she'll come see them everyday and Yato blushing/being quiet in response, Yato whispering to himself that he hopes she won't forget him, Yato's anger at Hiyori being kidnapped, Yato texting Hiyori saying her and Yukine are looking cosy, Kazuma watching Yato and Hiyori and realising that's why Yato stays despite it being dangerous, Yato and the healer fighting - Yato calling him rude for attacking when he was unarmed, Yato lying saying Hiyori's panties were showing and Hiyori's reaction, Yato calling Daikoku Daddy Daikoku and being beaten up by him for it, the heartbreaking moment when Yato says he'll never fade away as long as one human remembers him - thinking of Hiyori, when Yukine struck back at the other sword, hurting it and saying "I won't let you hurt Yato" and Yato saying "that's my boy" in response, Hiyori telling Yato she's not ready to say goodbye to him, how moved Yato was when Hiyori gave him a shrine, Yukine wanting to get stronger with invocations, Hiyori rescuing Yato with the soul call, Yato and Yukine destroying the pacification ring, Yato releasing Nora, Yato blushing when Hiyori wished for him to be successful, Bishamon's reaction when Ebisu said Yato said her real name was crazy chick and Yukine defeating the healer in the forest






10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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