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Warning: Spoiler Alert

2.0 is the second film in the Evangelion franchise and just like the first film, the Angels are still attacking and the pilots still fight and defeat them with their EVA’s. There are two new female characters in this film – both pilots. One is kinky, the other arrogant but both are bad ass. Rei is still as tough and away with the faeries as ever but I was glad to see Shinji had got over his moral reservations and just accept his role as a pilot.

That is until the arrogant girl’s EVA gets contaminated and his father orders him to destroy it with her still inside. He naturally refuses which was the right thing but then despairs when his father overrides his control and forces him to destroy it anyway. And let me tell you, that was fucking brutal to watch. It. Was. Dark. Thankfully the pilot survived but is critical and naturally Shinji runs away again.

Whilst he’s gone, another Angel attacks but this time it’s bad. Arrogant girl is out for the count and her EVA is destroyed, Kinky girl fights hard but she too gets destroyed but manages to eject safely so it’s down to Rei in a damaged EVA. She fights hard too but gets absorbed by the Angel. Upon hearing this, Shinji returns to save Rei. His EVA somehow responds to his rage and manages to destroy the Angel by going into Berserk mode. He manages to save Rei but his EVA and the Angel have somehow merged into a divine being. And that’s where it ends.

Overall, I love the franchise and I simply adore all the epic battles. I’m… just so confused! Who are these Angels? And how are EVA’s capable of going Berserk and becoming divine? Are they part Angel? And who is the guy on the moon who can breathe in space without a space suit? Why would they want Mark 5 to be destroyed? And I still have no clue if Rei and Shinji are actually related or not!

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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