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Usually I like vampire romances, but oh my gosh was this sooooo disappointing. Everything felt so lackluster, I didn't feel anything towards any of the characters, the story didn't catch my attention and the romance was super disappointing. I'd say the best thing about this manwha is its art, and to be honest, I didn't like the character designs all that much, though that may just be a me thing.

The story is sort of about Sooha, who, to me at least, felt like such a boring main character. She was such a big Mary Sue who would always make choices that'd furstrate me. Along with this, there just felt like there was nothing interesting to her character. Usually I find the emotional parts about a character, their relationships or development most interesting, but Sooha didn't have any of that. There didn't feel like there was anything to her, I just found her fustrating. Then there's the billion guys that all like her. Majority of these guys are about the same as Sooah, lackluster, boring. Sure, they have a sad backstory, but I didn't feel any sort of care or anything towards any of them because there didn't feel to be much depth in any of them. The only character that stood out to me was Heli, and that was mostly because he was sweet and had more of a connection with Sooha, and his past was touched on which did affect his behavior, so that made him a bit better. There were emotional moments, but it didn't feel like anything was building up these emotional moments, as if they just happened for the sake of the story rather then being a part of the characters.

The story is predictable and the romance didn't have much to it. Since I didn't really care about the characters, the worldbuilding was eh and the story was predictable, I didn't like it much. There wasn't much romance to this story either. There's some sweet moments but nothing that's necessarily romantic until the end. And since there's a toonnn of guys that like Sooha, it just kind of dilutes the relationships between Sooha and the guys. Along with this it just felt as if they automatically liked her. It felt like there was nothing to back the story, relationships or characters up at all.

The art was good, probably the best part of this manwha was the action scenes. The art wasn't my thing because I didn't like the character design, but it was good art. The scenes were well colored, there wasn't a ton of 3D, and everything just felt pretty well done. The fight scenes looked the best, I liked the coloring. So I gotta give this manwha credit towards that.

I feel sort of bad mostly just saying negative things about this manwha, but I personally, didn't really find anything to like about it. It's not a terrible manwha or anything, there's worse, but I didn't like this one, though this is just my opinion.

2/10 story
7/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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